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The medication to use for this assignment is Lumateperone. Create a study guide for your assigned psychotropic medication agents. Your study guide should be in the form of an outline with references, and you should incorporate visual elements such as concept maps, charts, diagrams, images, color coding, mnemonics, and/or flashcards. Be creative! It should not be in the format of an APA paper. Your guide should be informed by the FDA-approved and Evidenced-Based, Clinical Practice Guidelines Research but also supported by at least three other scholarly resources.Areas of importance you should address, but are not limited to, are:Title pageDescription of the Psychopharmacological medication agent including brand and generic names and appropriate FDA indication usesAny supporting, valid and reliable research for non-FDA usesDrug classificationThe medication mechanism of actionThe medication pharmacokineticsThe medication pharmacodynamicsMechanism of ActionAppropriate dosing, administration route, and any considerations for dosing alterationsConsiderations of use and dosing in specific specialty populations to consider children, adolescents, elderly, pregnancy, suicidal behaviors, etc.Definition of Half-life, why half-life is important, and the half-life for your assigned medication Side effects/adverse reaction potentialsContraindications for use including significant drug to drug interactionsOverdose ConsiderationsDiagnostics and labs monitoringComorbidities considerationsLegal and ethical considerationsPertinent patient education considerationsReference PageNote: Support your rationale with a minimum of five academic resources. While you may use the course text to support your rationale, it will not count toward the resource requirement. You should be utilizing the primary and secondary literature.

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