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MS Project Practice AssignmentAfter viewing the learning videos and learning topics for MS Project, complete a practice assignment to familiarize with the basic features of MS Project. This would be useful to start your Team Project 2.A high-level Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for your practice project that covers the key facets of work is shown below (click on the link to open the PowerPoint slide) : MBA 670 MS Project Practice AssignmentUsing this WBS, establish all required dependencies for activities and create your Gantt chart with the project schedule in MS Project.Ensure that your Gantt chart indicates the critical path in red. If you need help, please follow these Microsoft Project guidelines.Post your Practice Assignment Gantt chart as response to this note.This practice assignment should be completed by 11:59 PM on Sunday, April 24.This is an ungraded assignment. However, completion of this assignment is required before you are graded on your week 1 assignment

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