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Large corporations and businesses introduce new products and services in order to fulfill a market need and make profits. The new-product development process is discussed in your text. Using this as a basis, research product failures that have affected companies in the past and have cost them a substantial amount of money and may also have adversely affected their market reputation, tarnishing their brands. Research the web and pick one such product failure for a Fortune 500 company and describe this failure. NOTE: A product failure, not a “company” failure such as Blockbuster and not a “discontinued” product because of a failed part, such as the Ford Pinto which was in production and sold for 10 years but was discontinued because of a faulty fuel system and placement of its gas tank. Also, do not select a subscription service, platform, add-in’s, apps. Products are tangible and services are intangibles. At a minimum, you are expected to provide: Information about the company The productThe rationale for the introduction of this product The costs associated with the product (development and losses) Synthesize your position on 3 – 5 reasons or specific factors you believe most likely contributed to the product failure, using the product development process in the text Offer your analysis. This is a one to two paragraph exercise – do not go overboard, concise description of the company, product, and major reasons you believe it failed. Suggested Failure Examples For Review (that you may use)McDonald’s Arch Deluxe BurgerNew CokePepsi CrystalCoors Rocky Mountain Sparkling WaterHP TouchpadSony BetamaxFord EdselESPN Mobile PhoneMicrosoft ZuneNot Considered FailuresSamsung Galaxy Phone (battery failed)WOW Chips (profited from the product)Heinz Colored Ketchup (profited from the product)Use three or more references and citations, in APA format, to support your position.

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