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In the 21st century, in a highly developed country, like USA, the question is -Why is there violence against women? Violence takes many forms- domestic violence, sexual assault, rape, sexual harassment at the work place, etc. Check out the statistics. The “me too” movement is current. Examples like Jeffery Epstein, Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein, -these are famous, rich, educated men. Yes, it is not about sex, but power. Power over a person who is a woman. What structures in society,enable this behavior? Much of violence goes unreported. Reported data is staggering. Check the police records in your town. Of course, most men are not violent toward women. If we look at statistics, it is predominately men that are violent toward women. Here are some of the questions to reflect on:1. How would you define the word -Feminism?Give reasons. How would you define the word “sexism”? Give reasons.2. What invisible barriers prevent women from being equal to men in USA? Give a concrete example.3. Give one concrete solution to the problem of violence against women, besides laws, in USA. 4. In the video, what does Jonathan Katz, mean by “bystander approach”? Here is the link to the Jonathan Katz video you make any claims, you need to give reasons and those reasons need to be supported with evidence. Be careful of what assumptions you make. Use clear language. Reread your posting before you hit the submit button.

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