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Module 1 Discussion InstructionsInstructions for this Discussion ActivityFor this discussion activity, you will reflect on your learning about chimpanzees. You will post a 8+ sentence statement to share your reflections.Please read all of the instructions here before beginning this discussion activity.1. WATCH: A 13-minute video from CBS 60 Minutes called “Jane Goodall and Her Chimps” at and take general notes.2. REFLECT: Prior to starting the M1 Discussion, you should have watched the video found at the course page titled Jane Goodall and Her Chimps: Your statement should address the following questions: · What moments in this video stood out for you? Why?· Were there any surprises? Anything that challenged what you know — or thought you knew?· What messages, emotions or ideas will you take away from this video? Why?· What questions do you still have? These questions are designed to be open-ended. Your discussion post should include terms you have learned in this module, or in this class. I encourage you to be reflective about what you are learning.

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