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Select a song/composition – you may select a selection we have reviewed in the course or a selection of your choice. ANY GENRE of music is fine. In preparation:Review the SEVEN elements of music thoroughly presented in the first two weeks of this course: Melody, Rhythm, Harmony, Texture, Tempo, Meter and Form.Select the song you want to review (popular music, a selection from this course, any other music selection).Listen to the song and address each of the SEVEN elements of music (Melody, Rhythm, Harmony, Texture, Tempo, Meter and Form). Each element should be addressed in one to two paragraphs.Example of an approach you may take:Review the definition of melody and several of the components of melody.Listen to your song/composition.Write down what you “hear” – is the melody conjunct/disjunct, does this change in the song, what is the shape or contour of the melody, you can address pitch, duration, musical ornaments, phrases, etc. Basically you are using the material learned about melody to describe a piece of music that you choose.Continue this process through each of the SEVEN elements.Specific requirements:1. In your opening paragraph, identify the exact title of the selection and the artist/performers, identify the musical era the selection is from, and identify some of the characteristics of music from that musical era.In the remaining paragraphs:2. Be sure to specifically address at least 2 components addressed in the course material for EACH element. Example: In your melody paragraph, you choose to address conjunct/disjunct and phrasing. That would be fine as long as you write a complete paragraph describing the melody with conjunct/disjunct and phrasing. You may choose to discuss additional components of melody also. Whatever you feel “comfortable” in describing. 3. Minimum assignment length is 2 FULL PAGES with margins no larger than 1 inch and font at 12 point.4. Maximum assignment length is 4 FULL PAGES with margins no larger that 1 inch and font at 12 point.5. Provide a link to your selection so I can listen while reviewing your work.

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