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See Instructions AttachedBook: Heppner, P.P., Wampold, B. E., Owen, J., Thompson, M. N., & Wang, K. T. (2016). Research design in counseling. Cengage Learning. ISBN: 978-0357670767Stimulus Questions ( I think these are the questions to answer)1. In what ways do you think scientific thinking might be useful for both practice and science activities?2. Identify five activities you can do to incorporate scientific thinking into your counseling practice. 3. What do you see as the most important advantages of integrating science and practice in the counseling profession? 4. How do you see yourself in terms of being a researcher and/or practitioner? 5. What do you feel very passionate about in your future as a counselor? Can you see any way that research could help you enhance the work you will do within the areas that excite you the most? 6. What concerns, obstacles, and fears do you have about scientific training?

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