We live in a world of increased information technology. In health care, these advances are often des

Topic 7 DQ 1. My practicum project is CLABSI at Cooper University Hospital in Camden NJ.The objectives for this week are:1. Identify interprofessional stakeholders within a health care organization.2. Discuss the role of stakeholders in project support.3. Align National Patient Safety Goals to the practicum project.4. Describe the safety risks posed by technological advancements in health careSuggested Reference Material if needed:1. Read “Stakeholders and Organizational Purpose,” by Walston, from Strategic Healthcare Management: Planning and Execution (2018).2. HQ Solutions Read Section 2: Evaluation and Improving Patient Safety Patient Safety and the Learning Organization3. SummaryAlignment With Stakeholder NeedsRead “Alignment With Stakeholder Needs,” by Austin, from Transformative Planning: How Your Healthcare Organization Can Strategize for an Uncertain Future (2018).

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