Unit II Project

InstructionsFor this assignment, you will prepare a workplace policy to demonstrate your understanding of this unit’s concepts and provide a written rationale for your policy that presents thorough analysis using strong argument and evidence.First, choose one of the common workplace torts discussed in the Required Unit Resources for this unit (other than genetic testing).Prepare a detailed and specific policy for your employer that balances both the employer and employees’ rights. This policy must be no longer than one page in length.Next, write a two-page rationale for your policy in which you include the following:Explain the foundation and necessity of the policy,.Discuss how the policy balances employee and employer rights.Offer evidence of your state and/or federal laws that support or relate to your policy.The project will be a total of three pages, not including a title or reference page. You must use at least two academically reliable or peer-reviewed sources to support the rationale portion of your project. All sources used must have citations and references properly formatted in APA Style. APA formatting of your project is otherwise not required.

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