Unit II Project

InstructionsDiversity Mentoring ProgramFor the Unit II project, you will complete research utilizing reasoning strategies. The steps are to understand the problem and devise a plan for action.Your charge is to develop a program using comparative research, analyzing the relationship of workplace behavior and employee motivation. Create a diversity mentoring program (DMP) for an organization of your choosing. You may select a current or former employer, church, hobby team, etc.Within your plan, include the following items listed below:name of organization;introduction of DMP;need of such program;benefits of the program;potential challenges (may include potential problems that may incur without such program);justification of the important aspects of employee behavior and the relationship to employee motivation;one inclusion of a motivation theory;details of the equity of social justice and the power to make positive change; andexplanation of the plan to implement the program with recommendations with inclusion of the expected outcomes.Format:You may choose how you present your DMP plan. Possible format options include the following:A written response (essay-style) of at least two pages in length.PowerPoint presentation with at least seven slides. Fully explain your ideas in the note sections.A video presentation of at least 3 minutes in length. (If you choose this option, please upload your video to YouTube and include the link and your references in a Word document)A two-sided pamphlet.The focus of the DMP is to emphasize the importance of mentoring within a diverse workplace. Be creative, but professional. You must use at least two outside sources. Adhere to APA Style when creating citations and references for this assignment. APA formatting, however, is not necessary.

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