Topic 7 DQ 1 Response (1)

Topic 7 DQ 1 Response (1)BeardPosted Date—–Mar 4, 2022, 3:08 PM Handing over processes to different teams requires careful planning, coordination, and communication between all affected groups and individuals, including partners and affiliates outside the organization. This takes time, leadership commitment and resources (Savinsky et al., 2016). In this process it’s important to apply these practices according to best practice solidify leadership support, understand current state, define future state, confirm and monitor operational metrics, enlist expertise and appoint a transition leader, engage affected personnel, determine staffing, develop team charters, create and execute transition plans, and establish post-transition processes for documentation and evaluation (Savinsky et al., 2016).In trying to find a current event in health care administration I struggled but one topic that kept coming up in my searches was issues related to cyber-attacks. I know this is an issue that continues to come up as a possible concern where I work also, and leadership has made it a priority to develop strategies on how we can work if were unable to have computer access. As a plan is developed and adopted and we went into the transition plan we looked at current state and expectation for future state. In addition, a transition leader was appointed. These are both useful because allowed for a realistic future state plan and having a go to person for questions related to the new cyber attack procedures, addressing an challenges or conflict going forward (Savinsky et al., 2016).References:He, Y., Aliyu, A., Evans, M., & Luo, C. (2021). Health Care Cybersecurity Challenges and Solutions Under the Climate of COVID-19: Scoping Review. Journal of medical Internet research, 23(4), e21747., C., Stadelhofer, A., Consultants, & Associates, F. (2016, October). Best practices for a smooth project-to-operations transition. Becker’s Hospital Review – Healthcare News. 

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