Topic 3 DQ 2 Response (3)

Topic 3 DQ 2 Response (3) McGeePosted Date—–Feb 6, 2022, 7:11 PMA change readiness assessment helps you gauge how ready your organization is for a change. It looks at things like awareness, receptiveness, and capacity as it relates to an upcoming business transition. It increases the success of the business change by providing guidance on what needs to be done to ready impacted organizations for the project ( a readiness assessment, several factors are reviewed to get an understanding of how prepared the impacted organizational groups are for the upcoming change project. A few of the items that groups are assessed for include:·       Awareness of the change·       Support for the change·       Knowledge & proficiency level with the new process/tool·       Level of documentation (guides, handbooks, etc.) needed·       Capacity for the activities needed to make the change successfullyThere are several different organizational change readiness tools available; two I would choose are the Organizational Readiness to Change Assessment (ORCA), which measures organizational readiness to implement evidence-based practices in clinical settings and consists of77 items in three major scales (Evidence Assessment, Context Assessment, and Facilitation Assessment). The second tool I would choose is the University of Rhode Island Change Assessment Scale (URICA). The URICA is a questionnaire designed to measure the stages of change. This instrument is well suited for complex problem behavior, because it yields scores for each stage of change for each individual instead of classifying individuals into a single stage (Hasler, et al., 2003).  Before implementing the change, I would look at the potential impact it could have on financial, organizational processes, and employees. I would think about these impacts and who they could affect (employees, stakeholders, patients, etc.).ReferencesBest change readiness assessment guide: All you need to know. Airiodion AGS. (2021, September 1). Retrieved from,willingness%20to%20support%20the%20change%20More%20items…%20Hasler, G., Klaghofer, R., & Buddeberg, C. (2003). [The University of Rhode Island Change Assessment Scale …S. The University of Rhode Island change assessment scale (URICA). Retrieved from  

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