Sports Paper


I want you to write a summary and reaction from an article talking about one of these topics 

“Safeguard the Public Order
Ensure Fairness and Protect Human Rights
Maintain Health and Fitness
Promote Identity and Unity
Increase Support for Political Leaders and Government”

Write 2 paragraphs, the first paragraph summary about the article that you choose from the internet and the second paragraph reaction about the article.


Maintain Health and Fitness

The article encourages people to avoid hibernating during winter by taking a break from exercise. According to the article, this is a good way of maintaining one’s current level of health and fitness. People are encouraged to be consistent in their exercise program all year round in order to benefit not just physically but also psychologically. The article highlights various benefits of exercising at all times such as reduced depression and consistency in the process of losing weight. The author of this online article downplays fears that it is dangerous to engage in outdoor exercises during winter. To deal with potential health problems such as frostbite and hypothermia, the article offers several suggestions which include wearing a scarf, avoiding overdressing, covering the head, feet, and hands well, hydrating the body with beverages, and remaining active throughout an outdoor exercise session. Lastly, the article recommends that those who are really uncomfortable with the idea of outdoor exercises during winter should consider organizing for indoor workout sessions.


I think the article offers sound advice to people who think that taking a break from physical exercises during winter is a good idea. In my view, it is important to heed this advice because the author has done a good job of finding out what the views of experts are regarding this issue. It was a good idea to present expert views obtained from a professor of kinesiology, a sports physiologist, an exercise physiologist, as well as a study that was conducted in 2010. However, I feel that it was wrong for the author to downplay the negative health effects of engaging in physical exercises out in the cold during winter. I think it would have been better for the article to emphasize that every individual should consult his physician before engaging in exercises during winter. In conclusion, this article contains very useful information on the importance of maintaining health and fitness by exercising consistently even during winter.

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