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5 Metrics of Qualification Before You Buy Essays Online

An academic essay is not merely a collection of argumentative statements. Indeed, not every written prose is an academic paper. There are five foundational features that define the quality of an academic essay, each of which is as essential as it is mandatory. This brief article will highlight the five testimonial metrics that qualify an academic paper, and which should help you justify spending the precious dollar to buy essays online. When you ultimately submit that essay, the score will be equivalent to how many of these features the paper consolidated.  

5 Key Qualifications of an Academic Essay

Metric 1: Referential Basement and Backing

One of the most unique features of an academic essay is its absence of opinion. Unlike a research paper, which may otherwise present new knowledge, an essay is the presentation of what is already known. The essay reviews, critiques, and presents what is already available as a body of knowledge, as published by previous scholars in books, journal articles, and conference papers. Whether using the MLA, APA, Harvard or similar citations styles, all arguments must be based on and backed by already published literature sources.

Rather than your opinion, the essay presents what has already been established as current knowledge in the area of interest. As such, at the heart of any academic essay, is referencing other sources from which its arguments and statements are drawn. Absence of academic references makes any essay a collection of your opinion, and thus not an academic essay. The essay must derive, deduce or back all its argument from previously published academic sources, and ultimately terminate with a list of all references used.

The academic essay must therefore find its background in both theory and application of previous scholars, incorporated as in-text citations or quotes. Any statement or argument included in an essay without a reference is an opinion. Before you buy essays online, always ensure that any essay sent to you is based on and backed by an adequate set of accurate and relevant references.      

Metric 2: Structural Dynamics

Besides having adequate and relevant references accurately cited in an academic essay, the essay must also be structured in a standard format. The essay often assumes a three-point progressive format, regardless of the citation style used. The structural format includes (a) an introduction, (b) body, and (c) conclusion. The structure facilitates logical flow, as well as for the aesthetic presentation of the essay content.

Some citations styles allow these three subsections to be so titled, mainly APA and Harvard. However, such citation styles as MLA, Chicago, and Turabian do not facilitate for a paper with subtitled content, Nonetheless, in all citations styles, the essay needs a beginning (introduce the topic being addressed and the theme of the subsequent discussion),  a body (core discussion of the topic), and conclusion (summative overview of the main points addressed in the body). As such, whether subtitled of otherwise, the academic essay should have a beginning or introduction, body, and conclusion, in accordance to the given instructions.

Metric 3: Accordance to Given Instructions

A point of warning, nonetheless, even after attaining a perfect structure, and backing all statements with relevant references, is serving the core purpose of the essay. Each essay is unique to its guiding instructions, where such instructions define the merits for the marks awarded. An academic essay is not a generalist collection of statements, but a presentation of knowledge respective to the topic, issue, and purpose required.  

In essence, every essay is directed by precise requirements and guidelines. Regardless of the quality of an essay, the score awarded will be nil if it fails to serve its specific instructions. As such, the essay must meet all requirements, both in content and structural flow, and then be accompanied by relevant academic references. When you order for or buy essays online, always validate that each essay meets its unique requirements.   

Metric 4: The Value-Length Ratio

A common mistake in many academic essays is focusing too much on the number of words required (length). After following all instructions, and appending adequate references, the academic essay should avoid being redundant. Frequently, the same point may be repeated in different words, or sentences lengthened by colloquial statements, just to attain a higher number of words used.

Always ensure that the academic essay gives value for its length. Only include what adds value, not words, into the essay. Before you buy essays online, remember that the fee charged is determined by the number of words required, +-10%. Make sure therefore, that the number of words included in the essay are not merely serving the need for length, but that they are also adding value to the essay. A wordy essay is not always a better essay.

Metric 5: Contribution and Attainment    As noted above, an academic essay does not present opinion, but rather, a presentation of current knowledge on the topic of interest. Nonetheless, even when using the basis and backing of previous scholars as published in the academic literature, every essay must serve a unique purpose. In most instances, the essay makes an argument, validates a statement, or makes a critical analysis of an issue as directed in the instructions. At the end analysis therefore, the essay must reach a conclusion on its contribution to the available body of knowledge. The essay must show how it attained its primary purpose, as well as how it served its primary purpose to the reader. Do not buy essays online which fail to attain or serve a purpose in its conclusion, since in most cases, the essay will not have met its requirements. 


In conclusion, make sure that any essay you buy attains the quality standard of an academic paper. The five metrics described and contextualized above are critical in any academic essay. Before you buy essays online, make sure that the essay you finally get meets each of the five features and requirements. Then and only then, will the money you spend serve in advancing your academic journey. As detailed above therefore, the course supervisor and instructor will mark your essay based on how well you attain each of these features, and the score you attain is the product therefrom. Save yourself money, time, and the inconveniences that often accompany the submissions of a substandard essay. Now you know how.

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