Servant Leadership Theory


Identified the individuals associated with the servant leadership theory according to the reading. -The reading is attached.


Servant Leadership Theory

            Leaders have a responsibility to guide followers towards achieving a common objective. The form of leadership that is adopted when guiding followers may vary from one leader to another. Some of them ensure that everyone is involved in decision-making processes while others tend to impose decisions on followers. Other leaders prefer to combine both tactics in their efforts to solve organizational problems. In this paper, the focus is on the servant leadership theory, which employs both tactics to ensure the participation of both leaders and followers in the creation of vision and attainment of goals.


            Among the individuals associated with the servant leadership theory is Robert K. Greenleaf. According to him, the theory founded on the relationship between the leader and the follower. However, as Greenleaf points out, these roles are not mutually exclusive; they vary depending on the tasks being performed. For example, an employee may be allowed to lead in the performance of a project in which he has more knowledge than the project leader. In such a situation, the project manager is required to take up the role of a servant.             In addition to this, the servant leadership theory is transformative due to its flexibility. Both the leaders and the servants develop their skills in working with people and in leadership due to the frequent sharing of information and interactions with subordinates. Hence, it encourages problem-solving as the voice of all followers is valued regardless of the role they play. Moreover, it is based on the idea of leading others as opposed to instructing them to undertake various tasks. Therefore, individual employees are given some autonomy to work together to achieve a common objective. According to Greenleaf, the servant leadership theory stands out as it encourages the development of all individuals in different situations.

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