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One of the ways of preparing to write a research paper is to prepare a research proposal. As the name suggests, a research proposal requires the student to propose a topic and outline how the study will be carried out. Writing a research proposal can be even more difficult than writing the research paper itself because of the greater amount of preparatory work required. Other than selecting a topic, students must demonstrate insight into the research problem they are trying to address.

It is imperative that the research proposal establishes the purpose of the study, explains the selected topic, and provides a review of literature. It should also provide a brief highlight of methodology and a preview of research results.

The following are the basic elements of a research proposal:

1. Abstract.

2. Introduction

3. Literature Review

4. Methodology

5. Expected findings

6. Conclusion

7. Bibliography

A research proposal enables the research to make crucial decisions at the outset, for example, to determine whether to use a quantitative, qualitative or mixed methods. understands that as a students, writing a perfect research proposal can be an impossible undertaking. With our assistance, your proposal will be beyond perfect. This is because we offer high-quality assistance that makes the entire research process easy and hassle-free.

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