Racism Against the Chinese People Has Been Overlooked


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Racism Against the Chinese People Has Been Overlooked



Introduction. 1

Negligence over Asian Racism.. 2

Racism and StereotypesAgainst the Chinese. 4

Solutions to the Problem of Racial Discrimination Against the Chinese. 5

Conclusion. 6

Annotated Bibliography. 6

Works Cited. 9


Racism and violence against minority groups is a vice that has continuously led to the problem of segregation. People are increasingly being discriminated against based on their race, ethnicity, and original nationalities. For many centuries, there has been a lot of global migration and interaction that has led to the magnification of intolerance against certain racial groups (Feagin 78). Racism against black people has been the most common and frequently talked-about form of racism. Amidst the fight against this vice, some groups have remained extremely marginalized on the one hand while others continue to receive extreme political and media protection on the other (Fishwick 4). The Chinese are among the minority groups whose members are being neglected in campaigns against racism. In all parts of the world, the Chinese are being highly discriminated against yet this problem often goes unnoticed.


Negligence over Asian Racism

At the outset, it is worthwhile to state that far-reaching global efforts have been made to combat racism, but much of it appears to be directed towards the plight of the black people.  In the United States, many laws have been passed and organizations formed to support African Americans who have traditionally been severely discriminated against in social, political and economic aspects. While Communist China continues to be very influential in the global political and economic scene, the population of Chinese in other countries such as Europe and America remains small. Like any other minority group, this population has been boxed into a situation ofbeing rendered voicelessand defenseless (Greenfield 6). A number of reasons and factors have come into play to create a situation where racial discrimination against Asian and Chinesepopulations downplayed while racism that against black people is openly condemned.

The first factor is the distinct appearance of the people of Chinese origin. Undoubtedly, the Chinese look different and can be differentiated based on their physical appearance, for example, the shape of their eyes. For this reason, they are unable to blend in with the predominantly white American population. In essence, many other non-black people such as Native Europeans and Hispanics are able to blend in with the dominant white American population more easily. Their smaller population of the Chinese has also meant less publicity whenever various instances of racism or violenceoccur (Nakano 124).

Secondly, Asians have been in America for a shorter time compared to African Americans. The history of slavery clearly explains the existence of black slaves as dating back to almost five centuries in much of Europe and the New America. Therefore, the black people were moved as slaves in great numbers running into millions (Blake 3). Following the huge effects and consequences associated with black slavery in subsequent centuries, there were concerted efforts to eliminate oppression of African Americans by their White-American counterparts. The situation is entirely different for Chinese migrants, most of whom did not experience slavery. Consequently, there are fewer structures and systems for enforcing laws in order to fight against the racial discrimination being meted out against Chinese immigrants.

Thirdly, Chinese philosophy and culture are built around philosophies of Buddhism and Confucianism, both of which focus on equality, calmness, fairness and acceptance. Therefore, members of this racial group have strongly been influenced by these unique values to maintain complacency in the face of extreme racial discrimination as a tactic for survival in a foreign land. In contrast, other groups are highly tolerant of, or sometimes event reluctant to teach against opposition to authority particularly in the face of opposition. For this reason, the Chinese people tend to overlook oppression and violence by simply letting it persist even as other racial groups rise up against the vice. At the same time, Chinese cultural values place premium on entry into professions that have minimal visibility in the public sphere (Blake 3). Thus, they are normally socialized to go into careers such as engineering and medicine in an effort to preserve a demeanor of calmness and limited visibility (Bowman & Smith 6). The resulting shortage of a huge Chinese population in professions that heavily influence public policy such as politics, media and entertainment has greatly reduces their voice and visibility thereby rendering them incapable of altering the circumstances of racial discrimination being imposed on them.


Racism and StereotypesAgainst the Chinese

There have been many instances of Chinese who are being attacked on the basis of their race. A common example is a story of a Chinese girl who was beaten to death in Arizona in what constituted a racist attack. Unfortunately, the court ruled the case as personal assault instead of aggravated assault. This clearly reveals the lack of enthusiasm in the criminal justice system to protect the Chinese community against racially motivated aggression. This is in sharp contrast to black racism, which has been extremely publicized particularly in regards to cases of racial violence against members of the African-American community. Evidently, recent acts of discrimination against minority groups, including the Hispanic people have often been followed by extreme backlash and repercussions. In contrast, no attention is being directed towards the Chinese community’s freedom from discrimination on the basis of race.

Moreover, the Chinese people living in America are burdened with stereotypes of being unscrupulous, conniving and untrustworthy (Miller 7). For this reason, they are often misjudged and punished for offences that would otherwise not attract immense attention from law enforcement in terms of the severity of the punishment in the event that people from other racial backgrounds were the aggressors. In the widely publicized case, for example, the victim was unable to protect herself against her assailant who quickly overpowered her.Any malicious attack against a person is a crime that should be punishable by the law. Contrary to what would be expected the assailant was released after ninety days. This development left a feeling of fear and insecurity among American citizens and immigrants of Chinese origin. More particularly, it will hinder efforts towards racial integration as people will start developing extreme fear of racial persecution. It is also a manifestation of a widening the drift between the Chinese and the rest of the population based on the latter’s feeling of being neglected by the country’s criminal justice system (Thomas 12).

Solutions to the Problem of Racial Discrimination Against the Chinese

There are three primary efforts that can contribute to the resolution of this problem, and they include proactive participation in anti-racism campaigns by members of the Chinese community, the introduction of education reforms, and authoritative intervention by the government. For a long time, Asians in general and the Chinese in particularly have taken a back seat in the fight against racial discrimination in America, and this has created a strong illusion of complacency and ignorance at the community level. Thus, community leaders of Chinese origin need to take charge and responsibility of working in unity to establish systems and procedures to protect themselves against racial prejudice and to create awareness regarding the existence of the problem. This is the first step towards ensuring that legislative and structural changes are set in motion with the aim of promoting the equality rights of Asian minorities.

Similarly, education reforms can contribute to radical changes in the way racism is perceived. Most of the available educational materials portray racism from the perspective of affront against African Americans, yet the Chinese and other minorities also go through extreme racist attacks in their day-to-day activities. Incorporating Asian educational content and literary materials can greatly influence members of other races to adopt a multicultural view of society thereby becoming accommodative of diverse cultural practices.

Lastly, authoritative intervention by government is needed if the war against racial discrimination is to succeed. It must set the agenda by highlighting the need to avoid neglecting the plight of non-black minority groups such as Chinese citizens and immigrants in racism discourse and policymaking arena. The massive resources accessible to government agencies put them in a position where they can easily steer the debate towards this growing social problem.



It is extremely saddening that while a lot of focus is being channeled towards racial attacks against African Americans, very few people are talking against the plight of people of Chinese origin who continue to live in the fear of racially-motivated aggression, prejudice, and discrimination. It is inhuman to discriminate someone based on his/her skin color, geographical background or ethnicity. Everyone must take personal responsibility and genuine concern by promoting political, economic, social and cultural changes that can lead to the empowerment of all minority groups. Unless legislation provisions are enforced equally to protect all minorities, some groups such as the Chinese will continue to bear the burden of racial discrimination in silence while the rest of society continues to view racism chiefly in terms of the black-white nexus.

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