Project 3: Discussion topics – Industry Analysis

See project steps for directions.Discussion topics – Industry AnalysisBased on your reading, research, and analysis, respond to the two discussion questions below, supported with references from Project 3 Learning Topics: Discussion Topic 1:What industry sectors tend to be better performers? Why? How may Covid-19 lead to growth in certain sectors and decline of other sectors that will have to ‘re-invent’ themselves to make them competitive? You may pick a sector from healthcare, education, retail, hospitality, manufacture, IT, or transport.Discussion Topic 2:Select any company from the Standard & Poor’s 500. Select one or more activities in the company’s value chain that would be candidates for relocation to another country. Provide a brief justification and examine the challenges you see in coordinating the global value chain after the proposed value-chain activities of your chosen company are set up in the new country.Review the MBA Discussion Guidelines for instructions on participation in discussions. Also, abide by the following guidelines: The titles of your main postings should indicate the discussion topic number (e.g., #1, #2).Complete your two main postings, one in each discussion topic, by 11:59 PM ET on Monday of Week 5 (May 16)Respond to a minimum of two postings from your classmates, at least one in each topic, before the Sunday of Week 6 (May 22).In your discussions, cite examples when you describe theories from your reading and research. You may use examples from your organization or industry, current or recent news-makers, or other reliable sources. This discussion area will be locked after 11:59 PM on May 22.

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