Prison Environment

A prison environment is a place where inmates are confined so that they do not move around near other individuals since they pose a threat. Thus, they are prevented from exercising some of their freedoms. The prison environment tends to be isolated from the rest of society; hence, it is a desolate place in which one is subjected to physical, emotional, and psychological torment. The prison environment influences institutional management and custody in various ways. For instance, incarceration has led to a rise in the prison population, and it has become increasingly difficult to manage them mainly due to the formation of prison gangs. Thus, the prison environment also tends to be extremely violent.


Working with criminals on a regular basis may lead to corruption within the institution. Such loopholes allow for entry of weapons and drugs into the facility thereby undermining performance. As far as the internal environment of prisons is concerned, the physical environment, the social culture of inmates, and the culture of the penitentiary staff influence management and custody as they play a direct role in determining how the prison environment is controlled. On the other hand, the external environment also influences management and custody activities through the civil service department which is responsible for the formulation of rules and regulations to be followed by employees and their unions.

Some of the changes to the prison environment that would improve institutional management include the introduction of education programs that encourage inmates to refrain from crime and pursue a crime-free life. Furthermore, correction should be objective, whereby an inmate is punished in efforts to achieve a positive outcome.

Secure custody refers to the fortified guardianship of an idea, object, or individual. The custodian or owner chooses the best form of protection with respect to his or her situation like in the case of maximum security prisons. Inmates are usually housed in a single cell. For more dangerous criminals convicted of serious crimes such as murder, the prison administration personnel are always on high alert and extreme measures are taken when handling them. Secure custody within prisons can be improved by installing tracking devices and carrying out regular training for prison staff to monitor behavior patterns of inmates so as to prevent contrabands, escape, and ambushes.

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