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Articulating the Norm as a Pro: Secret behind a Premium Political Science Essay

Political science helps train a dynamic world of complications. Indeed, a good political science essay is simply an articulation of norms. Now, learn the art and conquer the game!

Elazar’s theory constituted the typology of the state in three symphonic forms namely individualistic, traditionalist, and moralistic. Using recent governance trends in the Republic of China, highlight ways in which the three forms and types of a state have or may have interrelated and even merged in China, from the perspective of the political class. Illustrate your argument with recent research findings (SET 1).

The foregoing paragraph (SET 1) was recently placed as an order at It is but just one of the many type of requirements and directions received from clients pursuing a course in political science. While the foregoing course was for an undergraduate in her final year, it will help the present article highlight the relatively abstract, technical, fact-based, and theoretical tendencies of almost any political science essay. This article will attempt to reword the same directions in different presentations yet delivering the same meaning. However, as shall emerge hereafter, political science is and remains an articulation of the norm.

 Articulation of the Norm

That last sentence in the foregoing paragraph maybe hypersensitive, most likely controversial, and definitely inflammatory to a political science student. It is meant not to offend but rather, highlight one of the most important secrets of creating a masterpiece essay in political science. At the heart of this article therefore, is the need to understand the importance of four elements. These elements include:

  • Must be fact-based either on history or present-day states (i.e. China)
  • Always incorporates a theoretical background (i.e. Elazar’s theory of the state)
  • Requires a technical and highly integrated analysis of state formation, practices, and identity (i.e. recent governance trends … the three forms have … interrelated … perspective of the political class)
  • Always beers abstract applications for every student (…your argument with research findings)

The foregoing 4 elements of a political science essay are not just common but most probably universal. Yet these same requirements will be phrased differently across tens of theories, applications, facts, and arguments. In the very end, the very same requirements will appear very different for any essay. The seemingly complicated essay requirements are what may otherwise be stated in simple language for a geography essay. The norm is always there, but the assorted ways of phrasing it is infinitely complicated for a political science student.

Breaking-Down the Essay Requirements

In essence, therefore, the same requirements for a political science essay will be stated with a symmetry of contours in different political science classes. This means that the same four elements are almost always there, but what differs is how they are phrased. Consider for instance, the following sentences:

In the last two decades, China has gradually converted across the individualistic, traditionalist, and moralistic type of state. Based on recent research and Elazar’s theory, discuss how the Chinese politician has undergone such a transformation through the process (SET 2).  

The foregoing essay requirements and instructions (SET 2) were submitted by another client at towards the end of last year. The very same requirements will be received from another student nearly eleven months later (SET 1). Look at the two sets of requirements and observe something. They are unique, appear to ask for two different essays, emphasise on different elements, and directs the writer to a very different approach in each case. Yet the instructions are the very same.

For both SET 1 and SET 2 requirements, observe how the four elements of a political science essay have been phrased differently. Indeed, the foregoing requirements only have six requirements, namely:

  • Critique Elazar’s theory of the state
  • Describe a moralistic and relate it to China’s government
  • Describe a traditionalist and relate it to China’s government
  • Describe an individualistic and relate it to China’s government
  • Discuss how China’s government changed from a traditionalist through to moralistic, and finally individualistic state
  • Use recent empirical studies (largely peer-reviewed journal articles) that support for each of the times when China’s government was traditionalist, moralistic and individualistic
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Learn the Art and Master the Game

Both SET 1 and SET 2 requirements want the same 6 aspects for their essays, and these aspects reflect the 4 distinct elements of a political science essay, all as listed above. Yet very few words, phrases, clauses, and sentences are similar in the two sets of requirements. Now consider the requirements below as given by another repeat client at

China has gradually evolved has gradually evolved as a state. In different eras, China was an individualistic, traditionalist, and moralistic state. Using Elazar’s theory of the state, recent research findings, discuss how the Chinese politician has metathesized with time (SET 3).

SET 1, SET2, and SET 3 essay requirements are same. They have the same four elements (abstract, technical, fact-based, and theoretical), and require the same six things as listed above. Yet they are nearly 100% different in how they are phrased and worded, how they focus on different elements of the essay, and the approach in which the writer must start the essay. thus received three distinctively unique requirements for the same essay within a period of two years.  


The trick is in always starting the essay by breaking down the essay requirements and directions into the component elements. Regardless of how the requirements are phrased, they will always prescribe to the four elements discussed above. Learn how to break down the directions into their elements, and then list down what is required by the essay. When defined by elements and a list of requirements, you will realize that any political science essay, regardless of its wording, phrasing, or focus, is quantifiably simple.

Now you understand what it means to articulate the norm, as is the practice in political science. Most importantly, you know why you should always entrust your custom essay to a professional. What may be norm to an average essay writer, will be overwhelmingly complicated in political science. That explains why at, such an essay will only be assigned a professional writer who has mastered the art of articulating the norm. Then and only then, will the essay attain a premium status. Now you know.

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