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How Do I Pay for Thesis Papers? Three Approaches

When it is time to write your thesis prior to graduation, there are three available options for you as you pay for thesis papers. Choose the one that best suits your needs and finances.

Preparing for, creating, and submitting the final thesis is a highly demanding and costly process for a modern student, particularly so when consulting for the writing services. Indeed, to most students, a thesis translates to a year of stress, sacrifice, and disappointments. From presenting a research topic to creating the thesis proposal, most instructors and supervisors request a progressive series of assignments and drafts. Luckily, is here to the rescue. We have created a platform where you can order for your thesis in parts, one after the other, as they get approved by your supervisor/instructor/examiner.

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A major concern among thesis students is that the supervisor will as for numerous revisions, and most writing companies frown upon revision requests. We are different. Our custom academic writing service is designed with your thesis in mind. Imagine a situation where a supervisor wants each chapter submitted, revised, and approved before you progress to the next chapter. With such an assortment of requirements, many students often worry how they can pay for thesis papers cumulatively, affordably, and conveniently, without sacrificing the quality of their thesis.

Do not worry about that. At, we have already thought through such a situation, and we have crafted a system that enables you to order each thesis part at a time. You can start by ordering a research proposal, followed by the introduction chapter, literature review, all the way to the conclusions and recommendations.

Variant Submission Requests

For the lucky few students, a supervisor may simply request for a complete thesis. Such supervisors will simply expect the full thesis after approving the research topic. That helps reduce the time and stress associated with the thesis process. Unfortunately, however, some supervisors request for chapter-by-chapter submission and approval, while others only want a proposal and a final thesis. Based on your university, department, degree program, and academic level, a supervisor may require that your thesis should be submitted in assorted orders, i.e.:

  • Research Proposal and final thesis
  • Sectional drafts of the thesis progressively
  • Research Topic & Statement of Research Problem, Chapter 1, chapter 1, 2, & 3 (proposal), chapter 4 & 5, and final thesis
  • Chapter 1, chapter 1, 2, & 3 (proposal), and final thesis
  • Chapter 1, chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, & Chapter 5/6
  • Research Proposal, chapter 4 & 5/6, and final thesis
  • Complete Thesis

Different supervisors in different degree programs may opt for any of the foregoing thesis writing processes. While the structure, flow, nature, and content of the thesis is equivalently similar, how the supervisor instructs the student to create it is what differs. As such, the student may seek for a thesis from, in accordance to what the supervisor wants. You should nonetheless ensure that:

  1. One writer creates the entire thesis progressively
  2. You address the revision instructions that accompany every submitted draft
  3. You seek for the approval of progressive drafts as you continue with the thesis
  4. Reduce overcharge or double charges when creating subsequent sections of the thesis
  5. Focus on cumulatively creating an introduction, literature review, methodology, findings, discussions, and conclusion of the thesis  as a progressive part of one whole thesis, without omitting or jumping to and from the sequential chapters

Alternative Ways to Pay for Thesis Papers

  1. Complete Package

 One and perhaps the most common way that clients request for a custom thesis paper at, is ordering for a complete thesis paper. Ideally, the student has an approved research topic and now needs to create the final thesis as a single order. In the course of writing, the writers will upload several progressive drafts, which the student should submit to the supervisor. However, all the pages in total are charged at the same rate, the entire thesis is created by one writer, and the final product is a complete, plagiarism-free thesis within the given deadline. The advantages of this option when you pay for thesis papers include:

  1. Relatively cheaper in Cost per Page (CPP) billing
  2. Provides adequate time for research and writing, as the thesis builds towards the submission date
  3. Facilitates several progressive drafts during the writing process, which can be sectional or chapter-based
  4. Easiest to revise and proofread as a single paper from beginning to the end
  5. Gets an overall plagiarism check report before submission instead of having many partial tests over time
  6. Is assigned to one writer from beginning to end, thus facilitating consistence, comprehensiveness and flow  

Despite the many advantages listed above, having the thesis written as a complete package also has several disadvantages. The revision requested, if only submitted as a complete thesis, may be significant and demanding. The cost also may be relatively overwhelming at a go, especially if it is has a massive word limit. A recent law thesis submitted to required between 55,000 and 60,000 words. Paying for over 220 pages at once might be a challenge for some students.

  • Sectional or Chapter-Based Drafts

Another way to pay for thesis papers, whether by request of the supervisor of as a personal decision is requesting from progressive sections of the thesis. At, student can request for progressive drafts chapter by chapter, or section by section. Such sections or chapters can be paid for independently, and progressively as an addition to the initial order. While the cumulative cost may be equal to, or even higher than when the thesis was ordered for as a complete package, this option gives the client adequate time to prepare and budget for the cost, conveniently.

Nonetheless, it will be important to ensure that6 the progressive sections of the thesis are assigned to the same writer. Further, it will translate to more time, effort, and commitment for a student to make numerous requests and orders for the same thesis. Regardless, however, the student will be able to get each chapter or section approved and revised, if need be, before progressing to the next section or chapter. This tends to build on the quality of the thesis, particularly if written by the same writer.

  • Research Proposal and Thesis Report

The last approach in which you can pay for thesis papers is requesting for the research proposal first, and then the complete thesis report. A proposal uses future tense and usually covers the first three chapters of the thesis. Once the proposal is submitted and approved, the writer then converts the three chapters into the thesis (past tense), and adds the findings, discussions, conclusions, and recommendations as either two or three chapters. This approach is by far the easiest, most convenient, relatively affordable, and most common in many leading universities today.

Whichever of the three approaches you use, nonetheless, guarantees quality, convenience, and reliability unique to each student. Be the boss, and choose which option works best for you.    

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