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3 Mandatory Guarantees Before You Pay For Research Papers

Before you pay for research papers, do you ever wonder what you are paying for? Are you their new catch or are you a client? Well, clients have 3 specific guarantees! So, what are you, catch, or client?

We have addressed the question of research papers from assorted perspectives in our previous discussions. For instance, we have addressed what defines a quality research paper, how to create it, and what makes any research paper pricelessly unique. In this article, nonetheless, it is important to highlight the three most essential features that must be guaranteed when you order for a custom research paper. In the discussion that follows, therefore, we will briefly identify what any company should and must always guarantee before you pay for research papers.   

Hook, Line and Sinker

We now have countless companies using perfected marketing pitches to sell the so-called custom research papers. They promise you heaven and sometimes claim to be the very best. That may well be true, except in most cases, they only want your money. By the time you came to, you might have been a victim of these con artists. In other words, you might have been a catch, before you became a client.

The bait is in the promise and not in what they deliver. The hook is in their marketing genius. The line is in your desperation to submit a custom research paper within an urgent deadline. The sinker is in knowing exactly what to tell you long before you decide to pay for research papers. Unfortunately, in 9 out of every 10 academic writing companies you meet today, you become the catch. You wanted a research paper, you saw the bait, the sinker did its work, and the line drew you in.  

Escaping the Bait

Some companies, however, are legitimate, professional, and reliably competent. What makes a company like as genuine and trustworthy, is not the marketing, the promises, or the exploitative offers, but sustainable service delivery. To genuine companies, you are not the catch but the client. Such companies will guarantee quality, uniqueness, and standardized precision long before you pay for research papers.

The goal of a genuine academic writer or company is in the service delivered. Rather than celebrate you as a catch, genuine companies offer you exactly what you want, now, and thus secure your return as a long-term client. Instead of throwing in the bait, they exclusively rely on reputation, delivery, and sustainable reliability. To them, you are a client and not a catch.  So before you reach for that credit card and pay for research papers, always ask yourself, whether are you the catch or a client.

3 Mandatory Guarantees

Now that you know how to escape the bait and become a client, what should you be looking for? Becoming a client means that you receive what you paid for, and will return with the next assignment, term paper, research paper, or dissertation. On the other hand, when any catch is drawn in and released from the hook, its future is on a plate and the digestive track. Catches have no future but clients do.  

The only way you become a client is when you can easily trust the product to be delivered, subsequently. That is the possibility of a future, which is only feasible if you escape the many shiny baits calling for your attention. Always remember that while a company like may similarly promise you quality as every other company, the difference is in the service delivered and not in what is promised. Three features define the mandatory guarantees that clients must always get when they pay for research papers, namely:

  • Distinctive scholarly quality
  • Customized and client-centred uniqueness
  • Standardized precision of research

What does it mean when the research paper has a distinctive scholarly quality, is it customized and client-centred uniqueness? Is it a standardized precision of research? Let us briefly review each of these three features, the very icons guaranteed by long before you even know how much a research paper will cost. When the research paper, and not your credit card, is the point of interest, then you have successfully escaped the bait. Knowing what exactly to expect, will help you understand whether you are a catch or a client to any company.

What You Must Always Get

  • Scholarly Quality

A good research paper has a very distinctive scholarly quality. The difference between an essay, a term paper, a debate, and a research paper is the level of scholarship required and displayed. From the language used, to the integration of citations, and from critical appraisal of previous research to the exclusive reliance on peer-reviewed journal articles and books, a research paper stands at the peak of your academic life. A quality research paper must:

  1. Rely exclusively on peer-reviewed sources from academic journals and books
  2. Critique previous studies and theories with in-depth synthesis  
  3. Have a specific theoretical premise
  4. Have a guiding research question and objective
  5. Present findings
  6. Use a critical and evaluative scholarly language   

  • Client-Centred Uniqueness

The research paper must always follow your instructions and requirements. That paper must be created for you, unique and personalised for your preferences. You do not pay for a standard paper, but one exclusively for you, and only you. Of concern here is:

  1. Paper personally customized just for you
  2. Follows and abides by your instructions and requirements
  3. Uniquely created only and just for you
  4. 100% originality
  5. 0% plagiarism

  • Precise Research

A research paper is not an essay. It is a synthesis of previous research findings, based on a clear theoretical premise, and intent on establishing new knowledge (findings). Do not pay for research papers that are simply pumped-up essays. The quality created must be of scholarly research, based on what is known and what it means to the current body of knowledge. It is research only if it yields new knowledge.

A research paper must necessarily report a research study conducted and concluded. The language you use, the credible backing you cite from the literature, and how well you integrate an in-depth critical appraisal of other studies and theories, is what makes that paper a research paper. That must be guaranteed to a client. It is impossible for the catch, but at, it is a must-have for the long-term client.

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