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3 Mandatory Guarantees before You Pay for Essays

An essay writer or writing company must always guarantee you of three things before you decide to pay for essays. Otherwise, it is pure exploitation!

Numerous companies and groups of academic writers have emerged in the last decade. Numerous entities now claim to offer essay-writing services. While the resultant competition has benefited students with reduced and competitive pricing, the emergence has also been accompanied by con writers. Many students now suffer the pain of wanton exploitation, and abuse. This article briefly addresses the three mandatory conditions that the companies must meet before you pay for essays.

Having an essay written for you is a business transaction. You only pay for essays as cost for services received, and not for a favour. Too many graduates have witnessed untold regrets, exploitation, disappointments, and loss at the hands of the-supposed essay writers. If any of these three requirements is not met, run. Always avoid paying the hefty charges based on assumptions and blind trust. The resultant cost might soon be painfully regretful.   

What You Pay for When Ordering for an Essay at

  • Original and Non-Plagiarised Work

When you pay for an essay, the product should be an original paper. It should not have been plagiarized from a previous paper, even if they both have the same requirements, directives, or instructions. The entire paper should have 0% plagiarism either for copied content or for poorly cited materials. The paper you receive should exclusively be an original essay, written for you and only for you. The charges often invoked are not for rewrites, but for original work. Do not settle for less.

Many unscrupulous writers have mastered the art of rewording similar papers, merely to pass a plagiarism checker. The same paper may be reworded for tens of students over time, losing its quality drastically after every rewrite. While the paper may pass through low-ranking plagiarism checkers, it remains a rewrite and not an original essay. Only pay for essays that have been created from scratch. Only then will the format, structure, flow, citation and referencing, as well as quality of writing be worth your money. As such, besides being plagiarism free, the essay must also be original. We always adhere religiously to this dictum, and this is what sets apart from competition across the academic writing industry.

  • An Instruction-Based Essay

Some writers simply combine descriptive and opinion-ridden statements to formulate an essay. Since every essay assignment comes with unique instructions and requirements (or directives), the essay you get must be aligned with precision to what the assignment requires. Regardless of the quality of the essay you get, failing to follow instructions will only earn you a fail or retake. An essay is only as good as it abides to the instructions given.  

As such, it is important that when you place an order for an essay, you ensure that what you get is in perfect symphony with given instructions. Always review and even edit the essay before submission. This will allow you to note if the essay has not followed all the instructions. If some instructions were ignored, you can possibly request for a revision, or simply cancel the order.

The likely outcome of having your essay poorly written is failing to submit the assignment when it is due. You may even have to redo the entire essay, when it is already too late. Given that it is your paper and money, then you should take full charge of the writing process. Do not pay for essays that conflict or ignore the instructions given. The quality of the services you receive is defined by how well the essay followed your instructions.

  • A Meriting Scholarly Essay

An essay is a scholarly paper that must observe all protocols of an academic assignment. The essay needs to have a standard diction and formal structure. If the paper fails to meet the requirements of a scholarly paper, then you do not have an essay. You will only be paying for paragraphed mess. Avoid having to pay for essays whose language, format, content, standard of writing, and nature of citation is below standard.

Remember that you are purchasing the essay. You deserve nothing less. Ideally, a scholarly paper must for instance meet such requirements as detailed below, including:

  • Scholarly lingua and diction
  • Support of all statements and facts with peer-reviewed literature sources
  • Proper citations as determined by the referencing style used
  • Have a timely background of all sources cited, preferably published +-5 years to the date of the essay
  • Structured in the format of an academic paper
  • Well titled figures and tables if any is used
  • List of references or bibliography used
  • Appendices where necessary

At hand is your score for the course. Why pay for something you can do better, and still fail? Why fall victim to exploitative charges that do not reflect the services rendered? Focus on securing a quality essay, preferably at a low pricing, because only that can justify the cost. Do not pay for a paper that fails to meet any of the fore listed requirements. These are simply mandatory. Remember, the extent to which these features are observed in the essay, the better the resulting quality. The higher the better, for you.


While some recent establishments may disappoint, there are still very talented and dedicated essay writers available. That is why you must always insist on getting quality before you approve any payment. Do not fall victim to essay writers who charge hefty fees and still ruin the professional repute of credible writers. When you ignore the credibility of your essay writer, you might realize that you need a better writer when it is already late for the assignment.

As such, the best way to avoid the vindictive exploitation that is becoming common with some essay-writing offers today, is knowing what you are paying for. Always demand for nothing less of original and non-plagiarised work, an instruction-based essay, and a quality scholarly essay. When you pay for essays, pay for quality that is defined by the three guarantees reviewed above. Now you know.

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