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3 Alternative Ways to Pay for Dissertation Writing Services

Whether because of finances, time, or supervision, you should always pay for dissertation services with convenience. Choose from any of the three available alternatives and determine which suits you best.

When students approach that final year of their degree program, most are overwhelmed by the expected cost of the final dissertation. So how and when should you pay for dissertation writing services? Both because of the length required and the higher rates charged for dissertation services, the likely cost might appear threatening. Further, there is a risk of paying the hefty total sum and still receive a disappointing paper requiring rewrites. There are also those supervisors who will require that they approve different stages of the dissertation progressively.

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All the foregoing concerns always face almost every student when deciding to pay for dissertation services. At hand are several critical considerations. Your consultation earmarks the critical completion of your degree program and then the likely huge cost associated with custom dissertation writing. This article will discuss 3 optimal ways of paying for the dissertation writing services with such a reliable and company as Focus here should be several requirements, namely:

  • Affordability and cost effectiveness of the writing services
  • Personalized convenience to the client
  • Achieving optimal quality at a comparably lower cost
  • Real-time correspondence between the writer and the client
  • Maintaining update and getting progressive approvals from the dissertation supervisor
  • Reliable delivery of the final dissertation in both time and quality
  • Long-term consistence without additional costs

Problem is, you may not have all the money available at once, despite the urgent need to start the dissertation. The deadline may be coming up, yet the money required to pay for such services is delayed. You may pay the hefty amount from the start, and then receive a disappointing paper at the end. As such, the question of when and how to pay for dissertation services, remains a thorny issue for most students. At, we have introduced an innovative solutionwhere you can order for your dissertation in parts, for example, one chapter at a time.The first part is usually the project proposal. Once you are satisfied with the project proposal, you can order chapter 1. When chapter one is complete and meets your standards, you will proceed and order chapter 2, and so on. If you want something revised in chapter 1, you just need to make a request and the writer will make the necessary amendments at no extra cost. This approach is cost-efficient and highly convenient for you as the customer. It saves you from facing a massive disappointment in the dying moments of your dissertation schedule.

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Here are the dissertation parts you can order at

Dissertation: Order an entire dissertation at a go

Dissertation Chapter (Abstract)

Dissertation Chapter (Introduction chapter)

Dissertation Chapter (Literature Review)

Dissertation Chapter (Methodology)

Dissertation Chapter (Results)

Dissertation Chapter (Discussion)

Dissertation Services (Editing): Order for changes in content, format and structure.

Dissertation Services (Proofreading): Order for proofreading of your dissertation.

As you can see, we cater for the needs of those who want to order everything at a go, those who would rather approve one part at a time, and even those who have already finished writing their dissertation but would like someone to edit or proofread it.

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To get all of the foregoing issues addressed, you need to know the alternative payment arrangements available. Only then can you chose the one that best suits you, both comfortably and with conveniently. Here are three alternatives ways available for the student when choosing how and when to pay for the dissertation writing services at a reliable company.

Client-Centered Payment Options for Your Dissertation

  • a. One-Time Advance Payments

While most frequent and often preferred payment option, a one-time pay for dissertation services comes with greater risk potential. You simply request for a specific length (number of pages), delivery timeline (deadline), requirements (instructions), and then pay the total amount required. The total amount represents the Cost per Page (CPP) multiplied by the page numbers, with all deductions executed on the final summation.  The CPP itself will be determined by several factors including:

  • Timeline required (short deadlines are higher than more extended deadlines)
  • Paragraph spacing either as double-spaced or single-spaced pages
  • Discipline of study (some disciplines are more complex, have fewer specialized writers, and thus charged higher)
  • Level of complexity (based on the undergraduate, masters, and doctoral research levels)
  • Requirements (your personalized instructions for the dissertation)
  • Discounts availed for the specific order (i.e. return clients, seasonal discounts etc.)
  • Additional features such as tables, figures, appendices, abstracts, and front pages

Once you have accumulated the total CPP, and have cleared the total required, the next step is to follow up on the dissertation. Always remember that the risk value of a one-time payment option is high. As such, only initially pay for dissertation services fully when you are certain. This is the best possible method when you trust the company you have placed your order, are confident of the quality to receive, and or you have previously worked with the company. The potential benefits of the one-time payment option include:

  • Lower CPP rates
  • Higher available discounts
  • Lower transaction costs
  • More convenient and conclusive
  • Takes less time and effort on your part
  • Settles on one writer for the entire dissertation rather than disjointed piecemeal sections from different writers
  • Attracts and secures the best and most qualified writers and eliminates those who are only comfortable with 5-page academic papers  

Ultimately, after placing the summative order, you will receive the final copy upon deadline. Meeting the deadline should always be guaranteed, as is custom at, though often violated by other companies. Nonetheless, even after placing a one-time order and paying for the same at our company, we strongly recommend that you follow up on the dissertation writing process, In other words, when you select the one-time payment option, you should ensure that:

  • You consistently follow up with the writer and check on their progress
  • Request progressive drafts of the dissertation from the writer in consonance with the final deadline
  • Submit progressive drafts to your supervisor during the writing process, to receive approval and suggested revisions that define the final quality of the dissertation you submit
  • Read and evaluate how the writer is progressively developing the draft to make it yours rather than a standard dissertation (personalization)
  • Accommodate any additional pages required when finalizing the dissertation
  • b. Chapter-Based Payments

When the high-risk factor of the one-time payment option is too much for you, do not be disappointed. This may because of financial constraints for a one-time payment, because the supervisor has asked for one chapter after the other, or because you are not sure the writer has understood what you want to write and whether his/her quality of writer is to your satisfaction. Although not very common, some supervisors always demand to receive each chapter of the dissertation before you progress to the next, and only start the next chapter upon approval of the previous chapter.

As such, for any of the foregoing reasons, the chapter-based payment option requires that you pay for the dissertation as five or six separate orders, each for a chapter in your final dissertation. The method guarantees that your dissertation is approved even before the final submission, and that you are in charge of the entire dissertation in the writing process.

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  • c. Section-Based Submission Payments

The section-based payment option is exactly similar to the chapter-based payment option. The only difference however, is that section-based payments options may not be defined by chapters but by the nature of the dissertation-writing task, but by their sections of the dissertation. The advantages and disadvantages of the section-based payments option are nonetheless similar to those of the chapter-based payment option. At, the most frequent section-based requests come as:

  • Background and statement of the research problem
  • Critical literature review
  • Theoretical framework
  • Research proposals (3 first dissertation chapters)
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Presentation of findings
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion and recommendations


In conclusion, therefore, you have three ways to choosing from before you pay for dissertation writing services. Select any that best suits your needs, convenience, finances, and timeline. focuses on giving you optimized quality, at the best possible terms, reliably, and conveniently. How you pay for the paper is not indicative of the quality you receive, it simply reflects your preference and convenience.

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