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The outline is an integral part of every well-written academic paper. Students who rush into composing one paragraph after another right away will soon lose track of the direction they want to take with their ideas and come up with an incoherent paper. In contrast, someone who begins by creating an outline is able to build a strong argument that is founded on a plausible thesis statement. Thus, it is important to note that an outline is a preliminary step towards writing your final essay, research paper or dissertation.

An outline has five core parts:

  • Topic: This is the title of the paper. It carries the subject matter or theme of the paper in brief.
  • Introduction (with thesis statement): This section is written in paragraph format, and it contains a general statement, purpose of the paper, and thesis statement. Be sure to mark the thesis statement clearly so that there is no confusion as to what your central argument is.
  • Main points in bullet-list format: In this section, list the main ideas in bullet format. Each main point is like a semi-thesis statement in the sense that it contributes to the thesis statement you specified in the introduction. Under this bullet point, include sub-points containing research evidence to support the main idea listed at the beginning of the paragraph. Where necessary, provide in-text citations.
  • Conclusion: The conclusion paragraph should be written in prose/paragraph format, and should reaffirm the central idea (thesis statement). Do not just copy-paste the thesis statement, reaffirm it by rephrasing your central argument in a thought-provoking manner that sets the stage for future research, analysis, and critique. End the paragraph with a take-home message, or rather, what you anticipate will be the most paramount finding of the research project.
  • References: in this section, list all the sources you have used to gather research evidence that you have relied on to support your arguments in the outline. Note that these are the same sources that you will consult in future when writing your final research paper.

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