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Our Money-Back Guarantee
You can have your money back when your order is being processed in case you feel that something is going wrong. In case you face some problems and would like to cancel your order, we are okay with that. We promote this policy to safeguard and secure your interests.


Our customers are always satisfied, and refunds are rare. We process quality-related refund requests within 2 weeks. All other types of requests arising when the order is being processed are addressed within 3 days.


Privacy Policy
We are always working to protect the personal information you share with us in the process of using our service. Our sign-up, log-in and checkout platforms are protected with AES-256 Encryption, a Top Secret Level Encryption that offers the highest level of online security.


Our employees will never duplicate, share, or sell your personal information to third parties. Your information is always confidential and it is only used to enhance the efficiency of the services we provide you through a customized customer experience.


We will never contact you outside of official communication channels that include email, Live Chat, and messaging board. never reuses custom papers that we deliver to you. No third party has access to these papers, and no academic institution, online agency or students can lay claim to them.


Revision Policy accepts requests for revisions. It is your right to have each paper revised until it meets your academic requirements. Fortunately, our standards for all papers are so high and the quality so exceptionally excellent that you will rarely need to have a paper revised before submission.


Plagiarism-Free Guarantee
Our core business is to deliver original papers. The most critical quality check for our writing team is the plagiarism scan. As such, we have developed robust anti-plagiarism software to make this routine task easy. We never plagiarize papers. Although maintaining an updated anti-plagiarism software and database is an expensive undertaking, it is a step we are always ready to take to guarantee originality. Submitted papers cannot be reused or shared with third parties for whatever reason.


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