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References must be dated between 2010 and 2017 Scholarly written, APA formatted, and referenced.  A minimum of 2 references is required. References must be dated between 2010 and 2017. Please make sure the conclusion is good.

Spend 15 minutes in a busy environment, (mall, park, shopping market, etc.) observing the surroundings. In the role of the participant as an observer, write your observations from a qualitative data collection perspective.


Observation in a Busy Environment: The Mall

After fifteen minutes of active and conscious observation in a mall, the movement, behaviors, communication, and interaction of people were particularly interesting. The diversity and difference among the people present further reinforced the concept of population sizes as massive and highly different in their composition (Sigurdsson and Foxal, 2013). I was seated near the entrance from which point I could see people as they went in and the shops they went into. Most teenagers came in groups or two or three while the older population arrived mostly alone or with their younger children. The younger population seemed relaxed and full of energy while the older generation seemed to be in a hurry. Even so, the general population was relaxed, calm and laid-back.


The teenagers were chatting heartily as they walked along pathways inside the mall. However, as time went by and I grew more conscious of their movement, I realized that they were rather noisy within their groups with unison laughs and excited screams by the girls. I began to make one group’s conversation; it revolved around finding outfits for a party.

The small children who came with their parents all seemed hungry. Hand in hand, they all walked in the direction of the food court. Their parents did not all seem too excited about this, almost as if that had not been their initial stop over inside the mall.

Of course, there was the solo visitor who was rather uninteresting. Some of the lone visitors seemed comfortable and moved at a very slow pace. Two of these kinds of visitors came out hurriedly within the first five minutes. Most of the others disappeared into other sections almost unnoticeably. The attendants always had the biggest of smiles while talking to customers, some looked genuine, others looked exhausted.

To conclude, in only fifteen minutes, I had developed speculations on the occupations of all those who I closely observed. Of keen interest was the realization of the magnitude of the consumer market and how it could bring all sorts of people to one location (Lunn, 2013). This building had the capacity to hold all sorts of consumer goods and services and attract the most diverse of groups. Besides, I was able to conceptualize my own behavior and experiences in malls and identified as the solo visitor who rarely went to shopping malls but who dedicated enough time to enjoy the experience to the fullest whenever I did.


Lunn, P. (2013). Telecommunications Consumers: A Behavioral Economic Analysis. The Journal of Consumer Affairs, 47, (1) 167-189.

Sirgudsson, V. and Foxal, G. (2013). Consumer Behavior Analysis: Behavioral Economics Meets the Marketplace. The Psychological Record, 63, (2) 231-238.

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