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Customizing Perfection: Rising Above the Norms of the Traditional Marketing Essay

Marketing management goes far beyond selling and advertising. Modern marketing essays resonate with a world of new perspectives into the marketing dynamics. Are you ready for the new? 

Traditionally, marketing never meant anything more than selling and advertising. In the new age however, as noted at, marketing as a social science and discipline has undergone unprecedented changes. Almost every university and college in the universe has a marketing program, course, or degree. The same degree program has tens of assorted courses that a student can major in. this brief article will highlight several important guidelines unique to the modern marketing essay.

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Inter-Disciplinary Amalgamation in Marketing  

In tandem with modern inter-discipline scholarship, marketing is now incorporating an unprecedented symmetry of concepts from other social-science disciplines. You will find a course in the psychology of a consumer in a marketing department, just as it is likely that the same department is offering a course in balancing a sales account. In reality, it is no longer possible to predict that a paper is for a marketing essay, by simply looking for its title. 

Some papers ordered at are uniquely titled in a manner that would otherwise suggest that the course is in accounting or psychology (as exemplified above), or even in public relations. While this has become possible because of integrating numerous other disciplines into the marketing practice, it is also perhaps indicative of the growth of marketing scholarship. You will now find psychology, management, strategic planning, philosophy, leadership, manufacturing and design, and many other assorted fields having curved a new facet in the world of advertising.

Today, a marketing essay will go beyond the traditional ideology of the advertising practice and instead incorporate unique concepts from related social sciences. As part of modern marketing, you will find such integrated topics as:

  • Strategic marketing management
  • Customer management
  • Public relations
  • Product design
  • Value addition
  • Product portfolio
  • Sustainable sale cycles
  • Brand management etc 

As a result of the unprecedented growth of marketing in the academia, has expanded areas of scholarship. Course assignments from the marketing departments have increased in both number and frequency in every university or college. So too has the complexity of such assignments for the students, as compared to marketing assignments only a decade ago.

How to Perfect the Marketing Essay

Above everything else, what you need to create a good essay in any of these merged pro-marketing disciplines is to remain faithful to the basic mantra of marketing. Always remember that you are exploring concepts from the perspective of a marketer. Your focus should therefore always remain on the sale exchange as presented to a consumer/customer/client, both competitively and sustainably.

If it is in value addition, then your marketing essay should reflect on how any additional product/service benefits influence your marketing process to the target customer. From brand to the customer, and from product design to the sale process, an essay on marketing has its core platform being the presentation of a competitive exchange to target customers, at maximal profit. Always approach the essay from this perspective, regardless of which area or topic of marketing you are addressing.

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At, an essay written for a marketing course remains focused on the product/service – customer – profit matrix, regardless of the diversity of the topic being discussed. Nonetheless, that essay cannot remain as static as the traditional essays in marketing, where the theme was fixed to selling and advertising. The essay needs to adapt to the expanded view of marketing with inter-disciplinary concepts, and then approach each new phenomena from a product/service – customer – profit perspective.

What to Do and How

Diversifying and remaining conservative seems like a contradiction. The need to diversify your concepts and then simultaneously remain focused on the primary mantra of marketing may appear as a contradiction. Indeed, most students will ask how they can create a marketing essay with premium quality, if it is both liberal and conservative. How would a student integrate portfolio management into the traditional approach of marketing?

The best possible advice was recently given by a senior writer at According to the writer, your task is not to learn about these other disciplines, but to apply these disciplines to marketing. Explained in different words, the task of a marketing student is to understand the marketing cycle from the psychology of a consumer when deciding to make a purchase or otherwise, and not to understand the psychology of human behaviour, such a student did not explore behavioural psychology, but rather, applied behavioural psychology to marketing.

Focus on the difference here. The modern marketing student will not create an essay from their understanding of psychology, philosophy, management, or strategic planning. Rather, the student will explore the dynamics of marketing as explained using these other disciplines. The keyword is in application of knowledge. The essay will therefore remain focused on the marketing mix, but extend the traditional norms with novel applications of sister social-science disciplines.

Customising the Modern Marketing Essay

Consequently, unlike traditional essays, modern essays in any marketing course are unique in their application of foreign concepts into the product/service – customer – profit matrix. Imagine that you are writing under the essay topic of ‘Effective Advertising’. A good student will not remain static on what the advert does or should have to be effective. Rather, the essay will explore what makes an effective advert using the psychological theories of audio-visual stimuli.

This will not transform the essay topic into a psychology paper, but rather a marketing discussion that is backed by concepts from psychology. That kind of application is what customizes the modern marketing essay towards premium quality. In many ways, this is this ‘borrow-into’ application defines how much the modern essay in marketing differs from traditional norms, where though liberal, its mantra remains conservative. At, the secret is on how the essay is structured, linked, worded, and most importantly, argued towards a conclusion.

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