Background. 2

Goal of the Case. 2

Attributes on the case. 2

1.    Time. 2

2.    Cost. 3

3.    Resources. 3

4.    Quality. 3

Activities. 3

1.    Pizza Factory Locator Subsystem.. 4

2.    Order Entry Subsystem.. 4

4.    Logistics Subsystem.. 4

5.    Routing Subsystem.. 4



            Pizza Delivered Quickly (PDQ) is a company that specializes in the production of pizza. The company has 40 stores in different locations of purely eat-in and home delivery pizza stores. Pizza Delivered Quickly has operated for some time. However, just recently, the company has lost approximately 30% in sales revenue more specifically in the “drop-in their home delivery department”. The decrease in sales revenue has mainly been attributed to their main competitor who has lately initiated a promotion campaign that assures a 45-minute delivery service from the point of order to a client’s place. On the other hand, PDQ promotes a campaign that guarantees a one-hour delivery.


Goal of the Case

            Recently, Pizza Delivered Quickly has realized that to compete effectively with its major competitor; they will have to not only improve the quality of their products and services but also change the way they conduct business. To achieve this objective, the company, therefore, came up with a set of objectives with the primary goal being to explore the possibility of establishing a “pizza factory” locations. The locations would supply the pizzas unbaked and ready for the oven in approximately 30 minutes or pre-baked ones in about 45 minutes or less.

Attributes on the case

1.    Time

            In this case, the attribute of time is very crucial for both PDQ and the competitor. For instance, PDQ experienced low sales revenue because their main competitor used less amount of time in supplying the pizzas to customers.  To match or surpass the delivery time of their competitor, PDQ has to improve on the amount of time the products are supposed to reach the customer.

2.    Cost

            Cost is another factor that needs to be considered if PDQ is to succeed in its operations. For instance, the company should continue with its operations knowing that they have a major competitor. Therefore, they should evaluate whether a decrease or an increase in costs will have a significant impact in terms of enhancing competitiveness. Also, PDQ looks forward to changing how it operates; they should, therefore, consider the cost implications of such a move.

3.    Resources

            Presently, Pizza Delivered Quickly applies the use of computers for its in-store operations as well as the regular business operations. Thus, to some extent, the company is reliant on software structures to help them obtain, produce, and deliver the pizzas home to their customers. Therefore, the move by the company to add software capabilities to its existing resources is a welcome move that will enhance its profitability in the long run.

4.    Quality

            Quality is another attribute that will either propel the company to greater heights or sink it into losses. Thus, PDQ should ensure that it improves its quality of services as well as the quality of its products. So, as the company evaluates its operations, the aspect of quality should be crucial in the process.


            To be able to compete effectively as well as improve its operations, PDQ will have to initiate some activities. The main activity in this case then will be to identify software applications that will help the company achieve its goal.

1.    Pizza Factory Locator Subsystem

            In the long run, this software is supposed to find the “pizza factory” locations without so many sophistication or complexities in its application as currently experienced.

2.    Order Entry Subsystem

            The second activity for the company will be to produce an order entry subsystem that will have the capability of supporting both store and factory operations. The system will concentrate on routine and easy-to-use business operations. .

3.    Order Submit Subsystem

            The subsystem is supposed to direct all the orders to a store, a factory, or a pizza van. However, the logistics concerned with this activity are not clear and the subsystem design is complicated to use.

4.    Logistics Subsystem

            The Logistics Subsystem is the most complex system for the company. Its difficulty arises because the pizza vans are mobile as well as the delivery facilities.

5.    Routing Subsystem

            This software is meant mainly for use by supply trucks. It is straightforward and will involve the use of GPS systems that will be installed on the supply trucks.

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