Management Sample Paper


Write a 1 page essay reacting to the reading. Relate it to personal experiences. Do NOT write a summary of the paper. The writing criteria is attached along with the article to be used for reading.


Reaction paper

            In the wake of globalization, businesses have embraced different approaches such as innovating their operations to increase their competitive advantage. In this paper, attention will be on a response to Michael Hammer’s article titled “Four Ways to innovate in operations”, which was published in the HBS Working Knowledge. Upon reading the text, I noted that it provides great insights on ways organizations can innovate their operations to achieve competitive advantage.


            Using examples fromdifferent organizations such as Progressive Insurance and American Standard, Hammer makes a strong case on the need for organizations to identify role models outside their line of operations or industry for benchmarking purposes, identify and challenge constraining assumptions, turn special cases into everyday practice and reorganize critical work dimensions.     

            As Hammer states in his article, organizations can only embrace innovation in its operations if the leadership has charisma and imagination needed to bring about the change in operations.While I also concur with the author that organizations need to concentrate in activities that it deems have the most impact on its strategic goals, it is equally important for them to look at operational innovation from different angles or multiple aspects. As such, a change in organizational operations needs to reflect the organization’s vision but from several aspects such as costs, scalability and customer service.

            As Hammer states in the article, organizations need to confront any prevailing assumption about who to carry out certain operations for them to embrace operational innovation.Bringing about operational innovation is similar to managing change in an organization that requires organizations to confront any assumptions and fears that are associated with the impending change. To conclude, Hammer’s paper provides valuable information to organizations that seek to change their operations. Organizations are increasingly becoming customer-oriented meaning that operation innovation should be encouraged and embraced at all times.

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