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Achieving the Overall Perspective: Universal Code of Management Essays 

The singular universal code of any management essay mandate is the hovering overview to an assembly of issues. Get that one thing right and you have an ace!

How to define a management essay is relatively abstract from the outset, mainly because the term management has become a class name in modern scholarship. Indeed, managing the human, capital, assets, publics, marketing, legal, and sales aspects of modern businesses and organizations have individually become independent scholarly disciplines. From human relations management to asset management, papers now requested at have diverse degree programs for dozens of specializations under the management pillar. Yet above all these similitudes of management, modern universities still offer a seemingly generalized course or program in management. The generalized course or program will be phrased either as business management or as organization management. While the management courses are now in their tens, that generalized course is unique from all of them in only one aspect. In the sections that follow, this brief article will highlight the one universal code that the management essay must uniquely adopt as the core of its quality.

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Universal Overview Unique to Scholarly Management

Going Beyond Specialization

Without intending pun, specialist degrees and even courses under the management banner are relatively narrow and themed. Writing an essay in sales management, public relations, marketing, portfolio management, and the like comes with a predefined theme. By the second sentence of an essay in HR management will evidently review that, the focus is hiring, training, motivation, and retention of employees in an organization. Similar specialized approaches are evident across all courses with the word management as a secondary noun.  

In such instances therefore, the essay is primarily focused on a topic under that one area of specialization. A good essay in management must, as is mandatory at, exclusively focus and approach every discussion from a given area of specialization. Whether sales, marketing, stock, capital, manpower, or production, the specialized course remains pivoted by their area of interest. Rarely will an essay in sales ever consider the manpower required, but exclusively focus on attracting and retaining the actual customer.  

Unique to the overall management essay however, is going beyond these diverse specializations and assuming an overall perspective. The essay must adopt an assembly of approaches whether in organizations or in businesses. The topic by itself reveals this overall interest, where the issue concerned will not simply focus on one area of the organization. In most instances, the essay will mandate an overall viewpoint where all these specialized areas are integrated into the discussion, from a supervisory standpoint.

Remaining Broad yet Thematic

While the management essay will adopt the supervisory perspective that integrates all these specialized areas of management, it will nevertheless remain true to one thesis. One of the senior writers at recently created a 1400-word essay on the ‘Impact of Hierarchy in a Business Organization’. Looking back at these essay helps illustrate how critical theme is to an essay in overall management courses.

While the writer could have simply focused on how employees must be categorized in rank of seniority and thus create hierarchy, the essay did more than that. By the second page, the essay highlighted how an organization must integrate tiered sales platforms starting with distributors through to regional centers, wholesalers to retailers. This too emerged as a form of hierarchy, with convincing support from peer-reviewed literature.

By the end of the essay, the paper had addressed the positive role that hierarchy plays in an organization, from the perspectives of sales, HR, PR, marketing, and shareholders. Such an integration of assorted viewpoints of hierarchy could not be attained in any specialized areas of management. However, despite borrowing the perspectives of these divergent areas of management, the thematic prose and focus remained pegged on the concept of hierarchy.  That now, is the universal quality of a management essay!  

The Tree in a Forest

One of the single most researched areas in modern social sciences and humanities is management. From pharmaceutical to nursing, from education to engineering, and from fashion to shipping, almost every discipline now borrows from the premise of management. Yet, while focusing on the overall management of people, processes, factors, and procedures, each of such courses remain loyal to their area of concentration. You will not find the word ‘customer’ in a nursing management or group therapy course, just as you will not find the word ‘patient’ in a retail management or tourism management course. Yet these two words ‘patient’ and ‘customer’ will be referring to the same target for the two groups of courses respectively. As such, the diverse disciplines will be pillared on the same platform of management, but with and from distinctive approaches. At their heart is the concept of management (the forest), but their focus or concentration is distinct (assorted trees).   

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