M5 Discussion

For this assignment, you will complete a worksheet to demonstrate your understanding of core concepts in anthropology.1. In a journal-style personal reflection, connect your learning about anthropology with some aspect of your own life experiences, beliefs, or cultural background. Think about what you have learned in this course. Has anything influenced your thinking, or your perspectives? Did you learn something that challenged any of your prior assumptions? Since this is a personal reflection, please use first-person writing style (such as, “I think…”). (3-5 sentences)2. Which of the subfields of anthropology is most helpful or relevant in today’s world? Why is that your opinion? What techniques of that subfield do you think are particularly beneficial in today’s world? Justify your answer with specific examples. You may use examples from our textbook, or from the websites or films we have viewed as part of class. Your examples may come from any of our learning modules. This is an opportunity for you to examine your own learning of core concepts in this course. (3-5 sentences)Textbook: Park, Michael Alan2014 Introducing Anthropology: An Integrated Approach, 6th edition. McGraw-Hill, New York, New York. [ISBN: 978-0-07-803506-7]

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