For this assignment, you will answer the following questions to demonstrate your understanding of the cultural basis for how people perceive the world.Specifically, we are thinking about cross-cultural variation in ideas about what causes illness. For example, do we look to science, or to our belief system/religion, when we want explanations and solutions for health problems?Read this news story in which biological anthropologist Dr. Shirley Lindenbaum describes her work with the Fore people in New Guinea: Answer the following questions:1. What did the Fore think was the cause of the illness they wereexperiencing?2. Why did the Fore people have this idea about what caused so manypeople in their community to become sick and die?3. According to biological anthropologist Dr. Lindenbaum, what is causingthe illness that the Fore people were experiencing?4. Why did Dr. Lindenbaum have this different idea about what causedFore people to become sick and die?5. Our world view (ideas about how the world works) influences how wethink about illness and wellness. In your own experience, or in your ownopinion, is it possible to see the potential benefits of both science andbelief/religion in our “modern” world?

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