Visit the American Anthropological Association website titled “Race: Are We So Different?” at From the main page, click on the “Human Variation” tab. Take the 10-question “Human Variation Quiz,” reading all content provided for correct and incorrect responses. Take general notes as you engage with the “Human Variation Quiz.” Make a note of which questions you did not answer correctly.· Return to the “Human Variation” page and click on the “Only Skin Deep” tab. Read the three pages of content there, and take general notes.Prior to starting this discussion activity, you should have explored the American Anthropological Association website titled “Race: Are We So Different?” at For this discussion activity, you will post a detailed post in response to the following questions:1. Look back at the questions on the “Human Variation Quiz” that you did not answer correctly the first time around. What did you learn about that question topic after reading the explanation provided in the interactive quiz? (2-3 sentences)2. What causes variation in skin color? (2-3 sentences)3. What is your overall opinion of the resources provided at the “Race: Are We So Different?” website? Do you think this is an engaging way to present anthropology information to the public? Are there any sections of the web resources that stood out to you? If so, please provide specific examples- what did you not find to be engaging or informative, or what else stood out to you, and why? (2-3 sentences)Please be sure to address these specific questions in your discussion post. In order to receive full credit for your post, it must be clear that you have engaged with the “Race: Are We So Different?” online resources.

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