Letter of Admission to Enter the Physical Therapy Assistant Program


The essay should be no longer than 500 words and typed in English. In your own words please answer the following:

Why do you want to become a Physical Therapist Assistant a what events or activities in your life have prepared you for a career in healthcare?

The Essay will be graded upon the following: grammar, spelling, punctuation, content, and composition.
I was born in Cuba and arrived in this country only 3 years ago. I am a graduate of Computer Science in Havana Cuba. When I arrived here I decided to study what I always wanted to be Physical Therapy. Although it has been a drastic change I think that the physical therapy assistant program is the first step to being able to meet the goal. 


I have always wanted to be a physical therapist. Although I started my journey of tertiary education by enrolling for and graduating with a Computer Science degree from Havana, Cuba, where I was born and raised, my life’s strongest desire is to treat people’s injuries or dysfunctions with exercises and other physical treatments. The environment at the college allowed me to interact with and witness colleagues recuperate from various physical injuries. By the time I was graduating, I could not suppress my vision to become a physical therapist anymore.


Accordingly, I had to try and find exposure or else this vision would remain a dream. Against this backdrop, I decided to move away from home. I arrived in this country three years ago, driven by an insatiable yearning to chart a path towards becoming acertified physical therapist. The first step in this direction was undoubtedly joining a physical therapy program. Moving here gave me the chance to pursue my dream relentlessly. In this endeavor, I am strongly motivated by the reality that the world we live in is not perfect and accidents happen all the time.

Over time, I have been able to interact with people from the same field. The information I have been getting further reinforces my views regarding the need to apply for the physical therapy assistant program.I consider this application for physical therapy assistant program at your universityas the first step towards fulfilling my long-term career objective.

I was also drawn to the program by its global acceptance and the fact that it produces holistic professionals. Its competent training strategies coupled with practical experience will boost my competence to make me a professional that can be relied on and looked up to by clients. It will help build my confidence and impart all the necessary and vital skills of a physical therapy assistant as a step to becoming a certified physical therapist.

I am certain that getting acquainted with professionals and working under skilled instructors will bring benefit me a lot in terms of career growth. I am also aware that I am required to interact with several practitioners from the field of medicine. This way, the program will expose me to one-on-one participation programs in groups and activities equipping me with alertness and preparedness and technical expertise.

I will be keen to learn about diverse communication strategies as part of the program in order to propagate strong sense of credibility and accountability. I am glad that the program allows learners to work in life-like scenarios thereby exposing them to insightful communicational encounters. Lastly, gaining technical expertise on the human anatomy will build the scope of my knowledge scope regarding the human body. In the process, I will learn how to deal with diverse aspects of physical therapy. For these reasons, I am grateful for the opportunity to apply for this program.

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