Leadership Studies Paper


Goal: To begin to identify a personal leadership style and how it relates to others. Complete the inventory and write a 2-3pages summary of what you learned from this activity.
Evaluation Criteria:
• Identify your leadership style and its components – share its strengths and challenges and apply it to you. (My true color is gold, please read gold from PPT, which I uploaded)
• Highlight areas of your leadership style that you agree with and discuss the areas in which you don’t. Use examples and explain why. 
• Address how you will use this knowledge in your everyday life.
• Correct grammar and spelling


Leadership Style: Gold

The personal leadership that I have identified is denoted by the word “Gold”. The aim of this paper is to explain this leadership style in terms of its strengths and weaknesses. The paper also discusses aspects of the style that apply to me and those that do not. It also highlights areas that I agree with and those that I do not. Finally, it provides insights into how I will use this knowledge in my everyday life.


The main strength of the Gold leadership style is that it requires an individual to be dependable and loyal. It also involves the ability to differentiate between right and wrong. Leaders in this category also benefit from the ability to be thorough and caring. The elements of belonging and ability to value family and tradition are also categorized under this leadership style. Moreover, the ability to preserve things is a major strength as far as this leadership style is concerned.

            There are many other strengths that come into perspective whenever a person with this leadership style begins to engage in work. For example, they are likely to excel in jobs that require them to maintain the highest standards of accuracy and thoroughness.  The leadership style is also beneficial because it enables the individual to view tasks in terms of the results and not the processes involved. Other major strengths at work include practicality, ability to cooperate with others, efficiency, respect for authority, and a high level of discipline. These strengths manifest themselves well especially in traditional environments that are properly ordered and where most people are striving to achieve results. Since the style does not involve any struggle to adhere to established procedures, an individual is able to do things in the appropriate way and to put the needs of followers above one’s own.

On the other hand, this leadership style also has its fair share of challenges. To begin with, this style operates in such a way that one may find it difficult to operate in a non-traditional environment where rules, procedures, and systems keep changing every now and then. Moreover, the style is inappropriate in situations where authorities have entrenched oppressive policies that attract a measure of rebellion among the people working under those policies. Similarly, people who belong to this leadership style are likely to introduce traditional policies instead of adopting dynamic procedures that can be easily adapted to today’s rapidly changing world. Moreover, this leadership style is associated with people who are fussy, self-righteous, and extremely demanding.

            One aspect that applies to me is the ability to follow traditional systems and procedures. I like to follow the established path. However, I also tend to rebel whenever the established system is oppressive. Another aspect that I like is the tendency to focus on results rather than processes. I can also be extremely demanding at times, meaning that I may offend people who get in the way of my plans to achieve certain results.

            There are some areas of the leadership style that I agree with and others that I do not. I agree that a person should focus on results and not processes. I also agree that obedience to authority and loyalty are the hallmarks of success. However, I disagree with the view that an individual should seek self-righteousness in order to fit well into this leadership style. I am also opposed to a situation where a leader becomes too demanding to the extent of becoming abusive.


            I intend to use this knowledge to build on the strengths of this leadership style and to tackles any emerging challenges. As I seek to actualize my vision of becoming a leader, I am keen to become loyal to my role models while at the same time, taking a hostile stance to those who are a hindrance to the process of developing my leadership qualities. At the same time, I want to avoid the temptation to be compulsively abusive in the process of pursuing specific goals even as I continue to demand the highest standards of thoroughness and efficiency from my followers. In conclusion, this is an excellent leadership style although it has its share of challenges. I chose this leadership style because it contains most of the values that I intend to pursue in the future in order to become an effective leader.

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