Interdisplinary Practice Paper

The crosswalk of issues attached as a document in this section, lists nine individual roles that are stakeholders in healthcare and what surveys/data show are their priority concerns for 2016-2017. The first thing you may notice is there is no one category in which all agree. In fact, the areas of consensus are really limited. Despite this diversity, the push for interdisciplinary practice and collaboration remains on the healthcare agenda. Mutual respect and coordination of services is certainly a worthy goal but achieving this is not so simple. How then do we achieve the ideal collaborative practice? As with all relationship building in life, one way is to make a sincere effort to understand the other person.For this assignment, you will research a professional role (no staff nurses or patients). You will explore the requirements for their education/position, their code of ethics, their profession’s political advocacy, the responsibilities of their job, what mandates they follow, and how their role views interprofessional collaboration. You may choose between physician, physician assistant, CNO, CMO, hospital administrator, nurse executive (MSN prepared or higher), managed care executive, or APRN. You may not use patients or staff nurses. Please don’t choose a family member or friend for this assignment, the idea is learn more about a role you don’t know well and that you currently have a lack of understanding about specifics of their role. You may identify the role, and generic setting (for example, Mid-Eastern Community Hospital or Mid-Eastern Trauma Hospital (no individual or facility names should be used). Do not use the person’s real initials, use random initials.Your paper will be informed by four specific sources. 1)    Direct Interview (form attached in this section)2)    The Web Presence of their Professional Organization (What are their initiatives and political advocacy issues? What are their position statements? Who is on their Board?)3)    Research into the background of the role (which includes educational preparation, locating their code of ethics, licensure or certification, entry requirements for the job, responsibilities of the professional role, and the role’s political view or initiatives on interprofessional collaboration)4)    Current literature (two peer-reviewed articles on an issue identified as a priority issue for the profession from the crosswalk and one article on interprofessional collaboration/practice related to the professional role you chose). Articles should be published within the last three years due to the dynamic nature of healthcare.Your objective is to teach the reader about this profession so we can better understand their perspective in healthcare delivery. You will assimilate information and elements from above and reflect and comment on the following…1.     What is their power and influence in the administrative hierarchy? 2.     The impact of that role on the goals of the organization.      3. What did you learn that you did not know about the profession?      4. What does nursing have in common with this role?      5. Where does nursing differ with this role?Conclude with…What steps can nursing take to advance the interdisciplinary practice initiative as it relates to the role you chose?Your paper for submission will incorporate the information you gather from these sources. Use the APA template for submission. You do need an abstract for this assignment. Be sure to address all elements throughout the instructions in this document. This paper will be due on or before Sun. of Week 4 by 11:59 p.m. You will submit this in the designated assignment link in week 4.

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