Information Literacy


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Information Literacy

            The last week’s classes have helped me to gain insight into new and effective ways of accessing information. It is important to identify keywords to be used for conducting a search on the databases. Careful selection of keywords helps to limit the research results so that the most relevant are displayed (Lane Community College, 2016). Previously, looking for sources on databases and websites was a timely affair due to a high number of irrelevant results. Limiting the search to keywords helps to avoid getting general results. Therefore, one is able to get valuable information from their search.


            I have also learned how to evaluate the websites so that I get information from credible ones. One way of ensuring that the websites and databases are academic is through establishing the authority. It reveals the author or institution that updates the site. It also provides the credential of the author of the site. Therefore, one is able to determine whether the website is relevant or not. Websites can also be evaluated by looking at their purpose. The most relevant websites and databases are those that have current information. One should thus look out for the currency of a website. The information contained in the website should accurate. Accurate information is determined by looking at the reliability of the author, citations, as well as references.

            Blogs and wikis can be evaluated based on their educational level. It is important to establish whether the blogs and wikis are individual or collective. One should also establish whether a blog is written on behalf of an organization. Blogs and wikis that are collective and belong to organization are more reliable. Blogs should also be evaluated for currency and objectivity.

            Common core standards are important because they help in ensuring that every learner graduates with the same skills and knowledge. The skills allow them to succeed in their careers as well as their lives (Common Core Standards Initiative, 2010). Common core standards have heed in keeping education vibrant, particularly in subjects such as mathematics (Common Core Standards). Common core standards are thus helpful in uplifting standard of education.


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