Inadequate Diversity Training Program in the LAPD

Students will conduct an analysis on the current state of the training program and address the current training methods used. Reference should be made to on the job training, off the job training, technology used, delivery methods used, and transfer of training analysis (NOTE: This is already completed and attachments of A-C will be attached)Since you have already researched the current training system in parts A – C, The final course project will be: A plan that outlines your recommendations for each of the discussed elements (e.g., training needs analysis, delivery, evaluation, etc.). Recommendations for all the issues found during the research must be addressed. For example, perhaps through the research you have discovered that your selected organization is missing a quantifiable evaluation step in the training process. You would include in the final project the suggested changes that you would recommend. However, ALL suggestions MUST be supported with academic research. 4 pages APA is the standard, third person voice is required, NO opinions as recommendations must be supported with scholarly resources only, no wikipedias, encyclopedias, blogs etc., 10 Scholarly resources are needed. INTEXT body citation is a MUST. Cite ALL the information that came from a source PLEASE.

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