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Today, the media and advertising fraternity has greatly contributed to the perpetuation of many health myths. It is unfortunate that these myths negatively influence the approaches that people take in matters of healthcare. One common myth about healthcare is about weight loss. The media has for a long time been campaigning for weight loss regimens that are claimed to drastically reduce weight within only ten days.


Secondly, the myth that you can maintain a youthful look even when you are old is also being perpetrated in the media today. People are bombarded with “amazing” skincare products that supposedly deal with all types of wrinkles, wherever they are in the body. However, advertisers never explain whether the skin will retain this appealing look for a long time or not. All the manufacturers of these products are interested is ensuring that buyers use them on a daily basis in order to get the illusion that all wrinkles are being wiped out and therefore they look younger with every passing day rather than older.

Another health myth perpetuated by the media and advertisers is on the use of herbal products. Although many herbal products and extracts are useful for the human body, conventional medicine will never lose significance in the modern world. Advertisers like implying that their herbs can deal with any health problems that exist in this world. They tend to portray herbal products in a magical way, creating a myth along the way.

Internet articles, magazine articles and advertisements should give a balanced analysis of the effects of the products that they help promote. They should explain in technical terms if need be, the benefits and dangers of using a particular drug, herbal remedy or a home treatment solution. However, writers of these articles and advertisements find it hard to dig into medical details without losing the attention of readers and potential buyers of these products. This is the main reason why they opt for a shallow approach that leads to the generation of many health myths.

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