Gerontological Nursing

BSN 425 Updated Spring 2022 Hallmark Guidelines ·         Write an 8-10 page paper (number of pages, excluding title and reference pages). ·      Identify how you met the eight outcomes in this course (see below). Directions for each objective.o   Provide two (2) examples for each of the eight objectives and explain what you learned supported with evidence-based practice information. Compares/contrasts perspectives, and/or considers counter arguments or opposing positions, and evaluates original and thoughtful conclusions with future implications. Write a reflection on your takeaways by providing a paragraph how meeting the objectives will improve your nursing practice.There should be at least 3 paragraphs and each example should have one or more in-text citations with matching reference for each of the eight (8) objectives.  Two or more paragraphs discuss the concepts and gives examples and has in-text citations.  Last paragraph in each objective should be a reflection on what you learned and how you incorporated it into your nursing practice. Personal experiences add to your reflection. ·      Use proper APA formattingo   In-text citations – in each objective discussion supporting what is written and giving credit to your resources of informationo   References – minimum of (4) research sources with at least 2 sources from a periodical database (peer reviewed), are relevant, accurate, recent (less than 5 years old) and reliable and add to thestrength of the content.o   Write in third person (except for reflection portion may be in first person) The reflection paragraph can be written in first person.·      Format of Paper – arranged logically, flows smoothly, includes all components of a formal paper, and addresses all objectives.o   Cover (title) pageo   Introduction paragraph (use title of paper for heading) – explain what you are going to address in your papero   Headings – Level 1 headings (refer APA 7th edition for Level 1 Headings) – one for each of the eight objectiveso   Conclusion – paragraph or more summarizing your papero   Reference page(s)Note: A zero will be given for all Hallmark assignments submitted late.Eight (8) objectives: (Bullet points)Providing leadership in and culturally competent client centered care of the older adult population·       Analyze issues and scenarios related to gerontological nursing, demonstrating leadership and caring while providing culturally competent, client-centered care to the older adult population. The second paragraph has to be in third third person with an InTEXT citation the last paragraph can be in first person.Write two paragraphs about what is client centered care and what is culturally competent care of the older adult population and how an RN utilizes leadership to direct such care. Use textbooks and peer reviewed articles.  Look up concepts and compare or contrast different perspectives of the issues or scenarios that you identified in your examples and evaluate their influence on future health care. Reflect on how you have incorporated this information into your nursing practice.Intentional learning in caring for the older adult client( those above and beyond do your own research)·       Demonstrate intentional learning with reflection as it relates to caring for the older adult client.Explain what is intentional learning? Select two (2) concepts as examples and learn more about the two areas of care and discuss what you learned and then reflect on how it will influence your nursing care.Evidence based gerontological nursing concepts·       Understand and apply the integration of evidence in supporting concepts and processes which relate to gerontological nursing concepts.Describe what evidence-based practice means to your care of nursing. Choose two (2) nursing concepts, discuss examples from your resources the evidence behind these concepts.  Reflect on how evidence based practice has influenced those concepts you identified and your nursing practice.Clinical reasoning and decision-making skills  ·       Demonstrate clinical reasoning and decision-making skills while assessing the older adult clients’ health care needs and interventions.Provide two (2) examples from your clinical, work with older adults, or from scenarios in your readings that exemplify clinical reasoning and decision-making skills and what you did or would have done.  Reflect on what you learned and how that influenced your methods of assessment and interventions.  Resources provide evidence-based practice that supported your choice of action.  Make sure you relate your examples to older adults, i.e.: wounds, falls.Leadership in the community as it impacts the older adult client (senior citizen senior centers meals on wheels church groups)·       Demonstrate leadership in organizational, local, and global environments as it relates to client assessment and intervention with older adult clients. Discuss resources in the community that provide service to the older adult population.  Provide two (2) scholarly or evidence-based sources that support the need for organizational involvement for older adults in the community. Reflect on your individual awareness or participation in such organizations.Therapeutic communication with the older adult clients·       Communicate effectively and therapeutically with older adult clients, documenting as is appropriate. Describe, contrast, or compare therapeutic and non-therapeutical communication with older adult clients.  Select two (2) concepts supported by evidence-based resources and reflect upon your experiences in your nursing career and the impact of effective or non-effective communication.Culturally-competent safe practices in caring for the older adult population (a safety focus what the older adult needs)·       Propose culturally-competent nursing care which promotes standard safe practices along with error and hazard prevention and quality improvement practices as it relates to clients in the older adult population.  Identify two (2) older adult safety practice concepts.  Consider culturally-competent practices that might impact quality improvement practices and safety.  Reflect on how you have or would have handled a situation where there is a clash between safety and cultural practices.   Team approach to collaborative client care in promoting health in the older adult population·       Participate as a collaborative team member in understanding and implementing client care and in promoting the health of clients in the older adult population.Discuss two (2) examples or scenarios on being part of an interdisciplinary team and collaborative care of older adults.  Contrast or compare care of the older adult with or without a team approach.  Provide evidence-based references.  Reflect on your experience or what you learned from your readings on team approach to health care.    

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