Final exam essay

The response to each question must be 250 words. Complete this final essay examination by responding to the following questions:(1) As a police chief what actions, methods, and policies would you recommend in improving the socialization process in your criminal justice organization?(2) Under what conditions and with what tasks are specific types of power more appropriate than others?(3) Give an example of a conflict where process intervention might be best used, and an example of conflict where structural intervention might be best in addressing the conflict. Explain why for each example.(6) Which of the following do you think is the better method in measuring organizational effectiveness: (a) The multigoal/multimeasure approach, or (b) variable analysis. Defend your choice with cited facts and examples.(7) A new set of assumptions is required to move from a traditional police agency to community policing. This move will necessarily affect the organization’s structural, human resource, political, and symbolic frames. Discuss and explain why?(8) Discuss how criminal justice administrators of the 21st century can better utilize knowledge, information, and the systematic collection, analysis, and application of data to improve criminal justice administration.Keep the following in mind when completing this final essay examination:

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