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Purchasing a paper from us is easy. We have an order system [accessible here] where you provide us with all the details regarding your assignment. This information includes essential details like the topic, professor's instructions, your deadline, length of the paper (number of pages), and number of sources. In case you want the writer to read some files/articles/syllabus information, you can always upload the files through our website.

You can select any deadline between 3 hours and 30 days.

To create a QuickEssayNow Account, you must first place an order. You will be asked to provide signup details when placing this first order. If you are a returning customer who has placed an order with us before, you do not need to provide the signup details again. Instead, click on "Manage My Orders" or Login and then provide the username and password.

Have you forgotten your login details? Try resetting the password.

We do not have "ready-made" papers on our database. For us to deliver custom-made papers, our writers will need to take some time to carry out research, write down their findings, arrange the content in academic style, and carry out all the required quality checks such as editing and proofreading. For this reason, it is important for you to specify a deadline for them to work with. For longer papers of over 10 pages, it is advisable to select a longer deadline of at least 12 hours. It takes more time to complete longer papers.

Yes. There are two ways do to it. You can use the Chat feature at the website or the Order Messaging System. To use the latter, you need to be logged into your personal QuickEssayNow account.

Yes. In addition to essays, term papers, and coursework, we assist students with PowerPoint Presentations. Each PowerPoint Presentation is designed with visual elements in mind. We design each slide according to requirements and speaker notes are provided at the bottom to guide you when you are making the presentation in front of your class.

Yes, we have a department that specializes in post-graduate programs. Our staff will allocate your initial Master’s assignment to a qualified writer after confirming that the said writer has the requisite skills, expertise, and experience and is ready to complete all future assignments in your Master's program.

Yes. At QuickEssayNow, our Doctoral Studies Department is responsible for coordinating the process of PhD papers. Given that this is the highest level of academic research, we insist of exceptionally high level of experience, research skills, and specialization among the selected writers. We assure you that our support team will appoint the most qualified writer to complete all your PhD coursework and thesis.

Yes. We encourage our clients to share all the required information before paying for an order to ensure complete satisfaction with the final paper. In case you forget to upload any information, you can always share it and we’ll ask the writer to do his/her best to accommodate it. If the writer is almost through with the work and it is not possible to accommodate the new information without rewriting the paper afresh, we’ll inform you so that you can place a new order.

Here at QuickEssayNow, education is our pet subject. Our team gets motivated whenever a client achieves his/her academic goals at the university.

Our papers are designed to help you acquire academic, research and analytical skills.

Our custom academic papers will help you to:

  • Understand the topic better. Reading through the references we provide, you will know the kind of literature your instructor wants you to review. Reading through those sources, you will be able to understand the topic better. With time, this understanding will extend to the entire course, and soon afterwards, to the entire degree program.
  • Acquire the requisite skills relating to your area of specialization. Seeking help is part of being a good manager. This valuable skill will help you get more work done at the workplace. It will also help you deploy your analytical skills in meaningful ways that benefit everyone at the workplace.
  • Improve your GPA. Your Grade Point Average (GPA) matters a lot. It determines many outcomes in your life, ranging from your prospects for post-graduate sponsorship to employment prospects. To improve your overall grade, it is wise to seek help. Essay writing companies such as ours provide the greatest bulk of this much-needed academic assistance.
  • Improve your writing skills. The ability to write coherently opens many doors for you both at school and in the outside world. Learn from the best by hiring our writers to write your assignment. With time, you will acquire the skills that will forever help you express yourself eloquently both at school and at the workplace.

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It is our ethical duty to safeguard the confidentiality of your information. You also have a legal right to have your privacy protected at all costs. We take pride in our ability to maintain a service that is fully confidential for both customers and tutors. We use AES-256 Encryption, a Top Secret Level Encryption that makes it virtually impossible for intruders and hackers to gain access to your personal information.

Our staff will never discuss your personal information or order details with anyone except yourself. Every order you make is confidential, and all your personal details are protected from access by third parties and partners.

In case you provide any personal or confidential information when uploading a document, we always remove this information for you. The only exception to this rule is when the personal information is needed for the completion of your paper, for example, when the order involves writing a personal statement, admission essay, or reflection paper. In such situations, we will never send this information to a writer without first asking for your permission.

This is a very common question among our customers. The answer is No. Our service is legal and strongly recommended by academic institutions around the world.

Since the turn of the 21st century, students the world over have been embracing online learning. We offer online academic assistance just the same way universities are offering online degree programs. With so many questions surrounding online tutoring, you can relax knowing that QuickEssayNow is among the world’s most acclaimed essay writing companies.

It is your right to seek assistance in completing your essay. Those who do not need this kind of assistance are likely to claim that this is tantamount to cheating, which it is not. Our services are meant to help you to assemble all the information pertaining to your assignment. This information is of utmost importance as it will help you to carry out your own research in future. Besides, using our service enables you to save drastically on the amount of the time you would have spent filtering appropriate sources.

Our service offers tailor-made answers to your assignment questions. The fantastic quality of work that we produce is precisely what you need to excel in all similar academic coursework assigned at your university. By using the work we produce, you are guaranteed to acquire valuable skills, academic competence, and knowledge to be a successful scholar and accomplished writer.

At QuickEssayNow, we have been assisting students to produce quality academic work for nearly 20 years. Our learner-friendly approach to business enables students to acquire the much needed information regarding their assignments. When you place an order, your assignment is processed by a highly skilled academic writer who understands the subject in general and the assignment in particular.

We offer assistance on all academic subjects, and every paper we deliver is 100% original. This is not cheating; it is online academic assistance.

Place your ORDER NOW and set out on a journey of academic success.

No. Your professor and university will never know that you have been using our essay assistance service. Because we value your privacy, we will never share details about you with any university, professor, or individual except yourself.

Our company has a dedicated department that is responsible for approach writers who have the skills and experience to work on individual orders. Each order is assigned to a qualified writer. It is imperative that the correct writer is selected as we value quality work more than anything else.

There are rare occasions when we cannot locate the perfect writer to complete an order. This happens because we must be 100% sure that the selected writer is able to deliver the required standard of quality. We would rather decline an order than assign it to a non-qualified writer who will have to guess how to do it. Our support team will always keep you updated regarding the progress of locating a writer for your paper. Don’t worry, though; cases of declined orders are very rare; in 2019, we had a 98% success rate, meaning that only 2% of orders placed were returned.

If you have already paid for an order and we cannot locate a writer, we will refund your money fully within 48 hours.

Placing an order

Order a paper from us is as easy as ABC:

  • Go to ORDER NOW
  • Provide your assignment details and click "Preview".
  • Complete the payment, and upload any additional files you may want to share with the writer.
  • Then wait for the writer to complete the paper.
  • When it is ready, you will receive an email notification to login to your Personal QuickEssayNow Account to download the paper.

Yes, our payment system is secure. You can complete payment using your credit or debit card at any time. Paypal offers a hassle-free solution for all your payment processing needs.

In case you are facing a problem with the checkout system at the website, contact us and we’ll be glad to offer a solution.

We can also send you an invoice in situations where you encounter problems placing an order directly at the website.

Of course we offer this kind of service as well. When placing your order, select "Outline". If you feel that your paper falls under a category that is not listed, choose "Other-Not Listed" and then explain in the Paper Details section.

Our Outline service offers you a valuable resource to get started. We deliver a detailed outline that will guide you to build a paper from scratch in an organized manner. We strongly recommend that the outline order that you place should be at least a third of the total word count for your final paper. For example, if your final paper should be 6000 words, a 2000 outline would best serve your needs.

Yes! We will appoint a writer to complete what you have started. In such a scenario, you will need to place a 5-page order and the writer will pick up from where you started. Just remember to share the initial instructions based on which the entire 10-page paper should be completed.

Please provide as much information as possible for the writer to understand the direction you wanted to take with the paper in terms of theme, arguments, and analysis.

Yes. This is actually a good thing in situations where your order involves extra requirements apart (from word count) such as graphs, calculations, tables, figures or a special software. You see, our system is designed to charge you only for wards. Any extra requirements such as ones listed above call for a separate payment arrangement.

If the extra requirements are few and not resource-intensive, we can request the writer to address them at no extra cost as part of fixed pricing.

Yes, we offer editing services. You will particularly find this service useful in situations where you have already completed a paper but you need expert assistance to rectify grammar, structure, punctuation and formatting errors. When placing your order choose the option "Editing" under "Type of Document".

Alternatively, you can request your writer to review the paper you have completed and rewrite a fresh, original paper based on instructor feedback and/or his/her own expert judgment and assessment regarding quality requirements and the changes needed.

Of course yes. We allow customers to order each chapter at a time. You can start with a 2- or 3-page topic selection order, followed by a 5- to 10-page research proposal for your dissertation. From there, you can order each chapter at a time.

This means that the amendment periods will be different for each individual order that makes up the entire dissertation. Once you are satisfied with the changes made in one chapter, you may proceed to place an order for the next chapter.

In case you want the same writer to handle the entire dissertation, we will ask them to confirm this before they start working on the dissertation.

Yes. We encourage you to participate in topic selection since you are the one who best knows your academic and research interests. Nevertheless, we can choose a title for you, though we will have to seek your approval before starting. It is advisable that you seek the approval of your instructor as well before we embark on the proposal for the dissertation.

Alternatively, you can place a new order and label it "Dissertation Title Selection". We will complete this order by proposing several titles and providing a brief description under each of them. Each of the titles will also come with a short list of sources that would be most appropriate to complete it. This list is commonly referred to as a bibliography. A 3-page order should adequately cover a list of up to 5 possible dissertation titles together with brief descriptions and accompanying bibliographies.

You may have placed two similar orders by mistake and now you want to cancel one. Besides, you may want to cancel an existing order for one reason or the other. In such situations, you need to contact us before we assigned a writer to work on the order and we will delete it from our system and refund the full amount you paid. We would like to encourage you to state the reasons for cancelling the order.

Yes you can! As long as you have the person's permission, you can proceed and place an order on behalf of the individual. This person could be your friend, family member, classmate or any other individual whose permission you have obtained.

Similarly, feel free to complete payment using another person's details as long as you have their permission. It is always prudent to be careful about sharing personal and payment information with another individual. As long as there is consent on your part and that of the other individual, we are okay with the arrangement.

Please note that we will only be ready to speak to you, the account holder, regarding orders placed in your account. We cannot reach out to third parties to address the orders as we only recognize them as your orders.

It's easy! Referring your friends and family members is the easiest way of securing yourself handsome discounts. Whenever you refer someone and the individual proceeds to place and pay for an order, you receive a 25% discount off your next order.

To refer someone, send the email address the person has used to sign up at our website to We will respond with a Personal 25% Discount Coupon for use with your next order.


Your order will be delivered within the deadline you have indicated. When it is ready, we will send you an email notification. When you select a deadline (day and time of delivery) and pay for your order, countdown to the deadline begins. You can monitor the progress of your paper at any time by logging into your personal QuickEssayNow at any time. You can also drop a message to the writer asking if everything is going on well.

Yes. Our writers are trained to not only complete high-quality paper but also to do it on time. Lateness jeopardizes students' academic future by exposing them to dropped points and, in some cases, disciplinary action from the university. For this reason, we take deadlines seriously.

Situations may arise where your writer needs more information on your assignment or needs a slight deadline extension because of the nature of the work or some contingency situation. In such situations, we will inform you promptly by emailing. If there is no prompt email response, we will give you a call. Thus, it is always a good idea to provide a phone number when signing up for our service.

Yes, we are available to complete your paper 7 days a week.

Here are the 3 easy steps to follow:

  1. Login to your personal QuickEssayNow account,
  2. Click on Completed Orders
  3. Download the paper.

Yes. You can ask the writer to amend any section of the paper. Simply click on the "Request Revision" button and provide revision instructions. Remember to choose a revision timeline for the writer to work with. Note that the revision deadline cannot be shorter than the one you specified in the original order.

If you do not like the work, we advise that you make a revision request by clicking on the "Request Revision" button on your Personal QuickEssayNow Account. The writer who completed the work will receive your revision instructions and will amend the paper for you. It is imperative that you communicate in writing (as opposed to doing it over the phone) what you want amended so that the writer can interpret it correctly and make the required changes.

The usual amendment period is 14 days although this duration can be doubled to 28 days if you have been using our service for over 3 months.

In case your paper did not meet the expected grade, please login to your Personal QuickEssayNow Account and leave a feedback against the said order in the Messages section. This will be forward to our Quality Assurance Department for review. Every feedback goes a long way in helps us improve the quality of the service we offer.

Besides, you can email us at providing us information such as a copy of the document confirming your grade and feedback from your instructor explaining why you received the grade and what you should have done for the grade to be higher.

Our Aftercare team will thoroughly review this information and contact you for further discussion. The team will also put in place measures to ensure that all the necessary remedial actions are undertaken to guarantee a higher grade in future.

Our Company

Our service delivery system is elaborate, straightforward and thorough. Immediately we receive your order, a dedicated team of experts in your field check through all the order details to ensure all instructions are clear. If something is missing, the experts will contact you for clarification, after which it is assigned to the most qualified writer.

Each order is carefully reviewed and matched with a competent writer who is available and ready to carry out the research and write down the findings in a well-organized paper. We believe that enthusiasm matters as much as competence, and so we never coerce writers to work on orders they are not ready to complete at any given time.

Once the writer completes the paper, it is forwarded to our Quality Assurance Team. The members of this team are experts in diverse subjects, and their feedback goes a long way in informing editorial decisions and final amendments on the paper. They check the paper for plagiarism, grammar, punctuation, format, syntax, structure, and adherence to initial instructions. Finally, they edit the paper and make it available for you to download.

If you want any changes made on the paper, our Revisions Department will take up the issue and oversee the revision process. We advise you to review the work at the earliest opportunity so that you can follow up with changes on time. Besides, our writers prefer revising papers soon after completing them because, at this time, the ideas they wrote about are freshest in their minds.

Besides, our guarantees are industry-leading and second to none. They reflect the confidence we have in our support team, writers, and quality assurance teams. Unlike all other online essay writing companies, we can confidently guarantee that every order you place with us is free of plagiarism and will be delivered ahead of your deadline. You can review our guarantees by clicking here.

At QuickEssayNow, we are widely trusted the world over because of the quality of the services that we offer. This explains why many competitors frequently try to imitate us with business names that closely resemble ours. None of them can replicate the brand that we have built during our existence for nearly 2 decades. We agree numerous scam and fake websites exist out there that deliver shoddy work - or none at all.

Our website publishes 100% real reviews that have been verified by our review partners. They reflect the views of customers who have used our academic writing services. In addition, a simple Google search on the Internet will reveal tones of reviews our websites. We are always awed by the reputable review websites with a "Verified" that have provided positive comments about our website and the quality of the writing services we offer.

Whenever you are ordering a paper with us, ensure you are on this URL: A closed padlock sign at the beginning of the URL serves to confirm to you that your connection to our site is secure and that our site has a valid SSL Certificate.

If unsure, you can always contact us by calling/emailing us or by starting a Live Chat session.

Our Services

The most common question on our Live Chat Query statistics is "Can you help with…" You probably are asking yourself this question too. Given that many types of academic work exist, you might think that your type of assignment is perhaps not covered by the range of services offered here at QuickEssayNow.

The reality, though, is that we offer ALL types of academic writing services, including those you think are not covered simply because you cannot see them in our list of services.

When placing an order, it is always a nice idea to give your specific request. The best way for us to address your needs is by first and foremost understanding them. You can always call us or email us or chat with us to discuss these requests.

If unsure about the type of document to select in the order form, you can always choose "essay", "assignment" or "coursework". After all, the writer will focus primarily on the paper details that you have typed into the order form.

Our prices reflect the level of quality we offer. Over the years, we have realized that a well-written paper is resource-intensive to write in terms of man-hours put in, research efforts, and overall administrative work involved. Our clients are categorical that they would rather pay more for pristine quality than cheaply for poorly done papers that will lower their GPA and derail their academic progress.

We want to make you as happy about our work as you are about your investment in education, and we believe that delivering nicely done papers is the best way out.

Our prices are higher for three reasons:


We hire the best writers in the industry. Most of them are the experts that we have retained during our existence in the academic writing industry. It is impossible to lure and retain the most talented experts from reputable universities without paying them handsomely. In exchange for the attractive remuneration, we exercise leverage on them by demanding improved performance and prompt response to feedback for the benefit of our customers.

Companies that offer cheaper pricing are compelled to pay writers poorly to break even. In return, those writers deliver poorly done work since they are not motivated. In contrast, we have come up with a pricing system that guarantees the best returns on your educational investment.


Our guarantees are second to none in the industry. You can read more about our guarantees here. When searching for a company to write your paper, we advise that you review their guarantees to determine if they offer the same level of assurance and coverage we do. We guarantee peace of mind at all times. Your work will be delivered ahead of the deadline and is written according to instructions.

3.Quality Assurance

It is expensive to set up and maintain a Quality Assurance Department (QAD). Many short-sighted companies choose to bypass this critical organizational checkpoint. Unfortunately, the short-term gains they make in terms of cost-cutting and profit maximization accrue at the expense of the wellbeing of their customers.

We continue to invest heavily in this department in terms of both manpower and an in-house plagiarism-detection software. Our staff members are dedicated to ensuring that each paper is original and free of errors.

The old adage "cheap is expensive" rings true in this situation since companies that offer cheap prices for their papers are unwilling or lack the capacity to edit them properly. They lose business and close shop, leaving behind a long trail of unhappy customers.

When choosing a company to write your paper, always consider these three factors, and you will never be disappointed.

Get value for your money by ordering with QuickEssayNow!

Our recruitment team is always working hard to hire only the most talented writers. The minimum requirement for all our writers is a Master's degree. Quite a number of our experts are holders of PhD degrees.

The first step in hiring process involves ascertaining a writer's identity and verifying the authenticity of his/her academic qualifications.

This is followed by a short test that our Quality Assurance Department evaluates to assess writing skills, analytical ability, and professional qualification.

The next step is to administer a longer test that mimics the type of academic work that the writer will typically be completing for customers. The aim of this test is to evaluate all aspects of the requirements of the writing job, including adherence to deadlines and the ability to address all instructions. Writers who deliver flawless papers on time are retained while those who submit poorly done papers with grammatical, punctuation, and formatting errors are disqualified from working with us.

Applicants who pass this stage of the hiring process are taken through a 2-month induction/probation/mentoring period during which their work is closely monitored for quality. At this stage, they are assigned to work on papers modelled on sample academic instructions, not the actual orders from customers. During probation, the writers are categorized into 4 levels depending on evaluation rating and highest academic qualification: Undergraduate (Years 1&2), Undergraduate (Years 3&4), Masters and PhD.

As you can see, we test our writers thoroughly before recruiting them to ensure they produce quality papers for you, out customer.

Your paper will be completed by one of the hundreds of writers on our payroll. Our support team will carefully select, verify, and approve the ideal writer who has the highest success rate for similar types of assignments.

Besides success rate, the writer must be ranked at or above the grade of the assignment you are ordering. For example, if you order a Master's paper, it will be completed by a Master's or PhD-level writer.

Choosing to have your paper completed by one of our top 10 writers will give you peace of mind due to the benefits that you will get due to improved service.

By choosing the top 10 writers, you will receive four major benefits:

1.Your paper will be completed by one of our top 10 writers overall and the most qualified expert in your field of specialization.

2.An amendment period of 3 months: This will give you ample time to get feedback from your instructor and get back to us if you need us to make any changes to the paper.

3.A personal account manager: We will allocate one of our administrators to oversee your account. He/she will be the go-to person guy for all your queries.

4.Priority service: Being a top 10 writer comes with both experience and speed. With this service, we are able to make you feel special by prioritizing your work and submitting it ahead of deadlines. Our elite writers will be at hand to process your orders efficiently and within the shortest possible time. This service is recommended for clients with bulk orders.

PhD services are more expensive than all other types of orders because of the quality of research required and the amount of time it takes to complete them. For PhD writers to deliver properly researched papers that can be published in a peer-reviewed scholarly journal, they needed to be paid fairly.

Fortunately, we are always open to a discussion with you regarding PhD prices. We can adjust the price depending on the nature of the work Please get in touch with us and we will suggest the best price for your order after reviewing the instructions.

Yes. There are situations where you may want to have very many orders completed within a short timeline or over an extended timeline. The orders may be on different subjects and academic levels. We are always glad to complete this type of work at a quantity discount, and you can contact us for details.