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Psychology of Creating Essays for Money: What Makes a Good Writer?

Perhaps the only remaining barrier between you and a premium essay is qualifying the person you hire. This is about the other side of those who write essays for money.

At this age and time, a human writer is still irreplaceable. It is still ill-advised to entrust your term paper, essay, research paper, or dissertation to an automated process or program. Maybe they will come up with a great essay maker one day, after many centuries of trying, but a good writer will persistently remain, human. In our lifetime therefore, it is extremely important to understand those who write essays for money. Even after identifying such a reliable company as, and placing your order, it is important to understand, even just for a moment, that your essay will be assigned to a human writer.

When you have taken care of every other consideration, and identified the company to entrust with your essay, the next critical step is to put yourself in the shoes of your writer. Consider how the writer will understand your instructions, and create for you an essay customized to your perspective and needs, preferably better than you could write it yourself. Those who write essays for money are professionals, qualified, and experienced, in the art of writing essays. They should therefore be able to create a better essay than you can. Why else are you paying them for?

At, we can complete a 1500-word essay with a 6-hour deadline. One hour for such a paper would be too short a deadline. Three hours would be okay. You get the drift… The earlier you place the order, the better your writer will be able to deliver on your order.

How does a good writer go about creating a premium essay? It takes skill and experience, commitment and effort, and above all, qualification and expertise. It is extremely important to understand the process, qualification, skill used to write essays for money, and perhaps then you will know what to expect. It is not just about a deadline, it takes much more. At, essay writers must have a unique ability to understand your instructions, be precise with your requirements, pursue high standards of scholarship content, and ultimately integrate all the critical elements of a premium essay. This article highlights a few elements that qualify a good essay writer.   

3 Musts for a Professional Writer

Guaranteed Professionalism

You are the customer, and we are the service providers. When you have taken care of every other consideration, and identified the company to entrust with your essay, the next critical step is to ensure that you get a good writer. The writer must understand your instructions, and create for you an essay customized to your perspective and needs. The first quality therefore, for a good writer must be the ability to create your essay, and not their essay.   

A professional who writes essays for money must therefore be qualified, and experienced, in the art of writing essays. We are able to create an essay whose standard and quality is unquestionable, and not merely attempt to do what you could have done better. Being good in essay writing is therefore just but a primary requirement and not an additional benefit for a client. That is our primary guarantee to you. It is the foundation of our product offering.

Masters of the Essay Magic

Secondly, a writer is only as good as the product they create. They must understand what you want, attain your specific requirements for the essay, and align the entire essay to what the instructor or lecturer will be grading. In other words, they are masters of creating, attaining, and optimizing the essay magic. While all you will provide are the instructions, a good writer must go beyond that. They must understand:

  1. What the essay needs
  2. What the lecturer/instructor is looking for in the essay
  3. How best to cover all requisite content, and even more, within the limited length
  4. Match the essay to the perspective and context of the individual student (you)
  5. Back all statements and arguments with recent peer-reviewed literature citations and referencing 

At, your writer will integrate all these factors into the essay. The focus is on how structure conforms to the requirements, how arguments attain the thesis statement, and how essay requirements are attained with a solid foundation of cited sources. That is the magic of creating a premium essay, and the very foundation of being an essay writer. If you get any less, then your money has not been earned or deserved.

A Psychic Understanding

By the time a person becomes good to write academic essays for money, they have acquired a sixth sense of understanding your instructions. Some instructions are relatively abstract and generalized, yet a good writer will always understand what is needed, and how best to attain it. Consider the following instructions:

  • Write about Edgar Alan Poe’s use of “kingdom by the sea” in Annabelle Lee. 1500 words. Essay
  • Discuss concept of political dormancy using theory with example. 10 pages. Research paper essay.
  • What is the relationship between clinical teams in community care. 2000 words. Urgent.

The foregoing instructions are leads to some great essay topics. To an average student, the instructions are relatively general and incomplete. It takes practice, skill, understanding, and commitment for a writer to create a premium essay based on any of the foregoing requirements. Some new and returning customers at may give such instructions for an urgent essay. In most cases, that happens and makes no difference to the quality of the essay a student gets..

What is different however, is that while many other companies may complain, writers at are skilled to work with the student towards creating a perfect essay with given instructions. Understanding exactly what a client needs is the psychic potential of a good writer. It is important, therefore, that a good writer always understands your needs, and reflects on how best to achieve those needs towards a premium quality for the essay.

Who Then Is a Writer?

A good writer must necessarily be highly qualified and experienced, and has only but one priority – to create what you want, add a professional touch to the quality and standard of the essay, and in the process guarantee you the highest grade possible, it is therefore important to understand the psychology of those who write essays for money. Assist the writing process by providing as clear instructions as possible, and then accompany the order with any referencing or course materials.

With that, a good writer will first understand your needs, employ some magic of experience and skill, and model a premium essay within your specific deadline. Writing essays for money is comparable to a doctor making the right diagnosis based on the reliability, accuracy, and comprehensive accountability of symptoms. You can only get the best possible essay from a writer is and only if, they understand your requirements.

When most companies would have critiqued the foregoing list of instructions as abstract and incomplete, good writers at have that psychic ability to understand the instructions more comprehensively. To a good writer, the foregoing essay instructions can be rephrased into the following (seemingly more comprehensive) instructions:

  • In the poem Annabelle Lee, how does the poet, Edgar Alan Poe, use metaphoric similes by reusing the locality of “kingdom by the sea”? Explain how the descriptive adverb is used in a 1500-word essay, with examples.
  • Using a prominent theory about political dormancy, write a 10-page essay on what causes political dormancy and how it develops. Back your statements with recent research on political dormancy and provide an example.
  • Write a 2000-word essay on how members of a clinical team should relate with each other in a community care setting, towards improved quality of care. Focus on how the clinicians complement each other to offer comprehensive care in a community health centre.  

To a good writer, nothing has changed between the first set of instructions and the second. They both want the same type of an essay. However, poor writers will regard the first instructions as incomplete or abstract. The psychic potential of a good writer at will however help him/her express the first instructions in the same way as the second instructions do. Getting a distinctive premium quality, faster, easier, and more reliably should therefore not be based on how well the students expressed their instructions, but how well the writer understand them. Such a caliber of writers is what always defines the dedicated team of professionals working with us at


To conclude, it is our assumption that you may have learned several things now regarding our writers. To get the best quality standard for your essay, you need good writers. You need to understand the psychology of the professionals who write essays for money. Ultimately, you should only entrust a company as forthright and transparent about its workforce as Here, we will always matching you with great writer who are committed to delivering stellar papers that will earn you phenomenally impressive grades throughout the duration of your undergraduate or graduate program. When placing the order, rest assured that your writer will understand and follow the specific instructions given, treat timely delivery as an absolute guarantee, customize the essay to your requirements and needs, and most importantly, approach you as a customer to whom high-end service delivery is unquestionably owed.

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