Assignment: Research PaperAfter reading the selections from Lessons 2 and 3, choose one of the following topics to find out more about, and write a clearly developed and well-formed research paper on your chosen topic.  Follow the writing process and be sure to cite two or more sources using MLA format.  Your paper should be written following basic MLA rules.   Topics (Choose one and using your sources cited in MLA format, answer the questions below)1.    Using your source(s), explore the question: How did a diversity of views transform American society? Provide research in addition to your own analysis of some of the texts from lesson 2 such as “American Jezebel,” “Repeal the Stamp Act!” and “Declaration of Independence.” What ideas from the text reveal answers to the question?  Use both outside sources and textual evidence from the selections in the course to develop your essay.2.    Past literary movements continue to be influential. Consider romanticism, realism, and modernism.  How influential were ideas from those periods?  Is that influence clearly seen in the texts you have read? Explain with textual evidence from both outside sources as well as from any of the stories from lesson 3.  3.    Research and discuss this idea of money, status, and marriage during any periods you read about in lesson 3.  Explain ideas from any of those periods, using both outside sources and ideas from the texts from lesson 3 such as Pride & Prejudice, After the Ball, and The Glass Menagerie.  What were some of the social classes of this time?  What problems were caused because of classism? Do we experience classism still today?  How is that reflected in our society compared to how it was during any of those periods? Consider the types of jobs available to people, depending on social classes during that time.  How do jobs nowadays reflect one’s social status?4.    Research and discuss the role of women historically and present.  What were some of the abuses of women? Consider the role women play in today’s society, are they still subject to similar abuse?  Use ideas from the stories you have read in this course as well as from outside sources for support in analyzing women historically and present.Click here for help with setting up your literary research paper that uses MLA style. Click here for help with formatting your Document in MS Word.Click here for a full sample MLA formatted research paper.General paper guidelines:Your paper is to be a full 400-500 words 4-5 paragraph essay, with supporting in-text citations and a reference list.  You are to use citations from both literature and research.  Rubric Name: *Research PaperPrint RubricCriteriaExcellent20 pointsProficient15 pointsEmerging10 pointsDeveloping5 pointsUnsatisfactory0 pointsCriterion ScoreThesis / Focus & ContentThesis is clearly stated and appropriately focused.Focus is sharp, distinct focus; balanced, substantial, specific, and/or illustrative content; sophisticated, mature ideas are particularly well-developed.Thesis is clearly stated but focus could have been sharper.There is clear focus; specific, illustrative, and balanced content Thesis phrasing too simple, lacks complexity; or, not clearly worded Adequate focus, but unbalanced content; more analysis neededThesis lacks a clear objective and/or does not “fit” content of essayEssay contains too much research information without analysis or commentary Thesis not evidentAbsence of focus and relevant content; content doesn’t “fit” thesisScore of Thesis / Focus & Content,/ 20Supporting Research & MLA CitationsThe supporting research is thorough and relevantMLA in-text citations: all sources are accurately documented in the proper MLA formatMLA Works cited page: all sources on Works Cited page follow proper MLA format Supporting research is less thorough but still substantial and relevant. MLA in-text citations: all sources are documented, but a few are not in the desired format.MLA works cited list: most sources on Works Cited page follow proper MLA format Supporting research is adequate; relevance made clearMLA in-text citations: most sources are documented, but many are not in the desired formatMLA works cited list: most sources on Works Cited page follow proper MLA formatSupporting research is insufficient; relevance not always made clearMLA in-text citation:several sources lack proper documentationMLA works cited list: few of the sources on Works Cited page follow proper MLA formatSupporting research is irrelevant, missing, or relies on assertion rather than researchMLA in-text citation: sources are not accurately documented, and MLA format is not attempted or followed properlyMLA works cited list: none the sources on Works Cited page follow proper MLA formatScore of Supporting Research & MLA Citations,/ 20OrganizationObviously controlled and/or subtle organization; strong topic sentencesLogical and appropriate organization; clear topic sentencesOrganization attempted, but unclear or inappropriate topic sentencesInconsistent organizationAbsence of planned organizationScore of Organization,/ 20StyleWriter’s voice is strong; precision in tone, sentence structure, and word choicePrecision and variety in sentence structure and word choiceLimited, but mostly correct, sentence structure variety and word choiceSeveral awkward and/or unclear sentences; problems with word choiceNo apparent control over sentence structure and word choiceScore of Style,/ 20Mechanics & UsageFree of mechanical and usage errorsFew mechanical and usage errorsSome mechanical and usage errors, but not severe enough to interfere significantly with writer’s purpose Mechanical and usage errors which interfere with writer’s purposeMechanical and usage errors that significantly interfere with the writer’s purposeScore of Mechanics & Usage,/ 20TotalScore of *Research Paper,/ 100

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