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Please answer 6 questions about my essay and make sure my paper is in MLA format.


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English 101 Paper

20 October 2015

Essay Questions


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Question One

The opening paragraph creates an interest that makes me want to know what the writer’s argument throughout the essay is. This is because she begins by highlighting some of the most serious hardships that she has faced in life. She uses this description to explain that his life started in the dark but ended in the light. By letting the reader get an idea about what life in the dark was all about, she instantly captures his attention to know how bad his life’s circumstances were and how they later changed to bring in the “light”.


Question Two

            The thesis of this essay is that going through difficult situations in life does not mean that one’s future will always be dominated by hardship and suffering.

Question Three

            The actual narration in the essay begins in the third sentence of the first paragraph, where the writer indicates that she lived with her mother who did many bad things, including engaging in prostitution, to get the financial resources she needed to satisfy her addiction to meth.

Question Four

            The first example of description is contained in the second paragraph of the essay, where the writer provides a succinct explanation of the kind of suffering she has had to endure in life. Some of the difficult circumstances she has encountered include sexual abuse, domestic conflict over meager resources, lack of shelter, and exposure to gun violence. The second example of description is in the fifth paragraph, whereby the author describes the horrid living conditions of one of the foster homes where she once lived. The third example of description is in the eighth paragraph, where detailed information is provided regarding the turning point in the writer’s life.

Question Five

            The description is important because it helps the reader to get an idea about aspects of both “the dark” and “the light” phases of the writer’s life. It also contributes to the vitality and interestingness of the story.

Question Six

            I would give this essay a grade of 70 percent because it demonstrates masterful storytelling skills on the part of the writer but contains several grammatical mistakes.

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