Dreams of Graduating College


Turning in Your Essays

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The topic
• What do you dream of doing in your lifetime? Make a list of the things you want to do before you die. Do you see any patterns? Choose one of these dreams. Do you see any way to make this dream real? What would you need to do to make this happen? Why is this dream important to you?
My dream is to graduate Nursing School and walk across the stage. As I have never had a graduation ceremony.


SUBJECT: Nursing (too large to discuss)

FOCUSED SUBJECT: Graduate Nursing School (more limited)

THESIS: Why graduating Nursing School is so important to me (much more limited and personal)


My biggest dream is graduating from nursing college. I would like to change other people’s lives by attending to their needs at their time of their greatest need: when they are ill. My dream is so palpable that all my friends sometimes become envious of me. I am always motivated by the need to follow scrupulous measures of seeking success. The measures that I always use seem clandestine to my friends perhaps because I hold them too dear that I end up making them appear secret. 

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I have sworn to pursue the goal of one day cross the graduation stage together with other scholars who will be graduating with a nursing degree. I will do everything it takes in order to graduate just like others before me. I would like to complement my strengths with those of my best friends who happen to be pursuing a nursing program. However, I will not use everyone’s strategies; I will only be incisive and committed to sharing academic information with people whose determination I value.

In my efforts to achieve my dreams, giving up is out of question. My friends know that my conviction to become a career nurse is impenetrable, something they perceive to be a sort of conundrum. They do not understand what exactly motivates me. On my part, I am always reticentto repudiate the claims that they often make about me, saying or implying that my attitude towards the achievement of my goals is ephemeral.

            Graduation means more than just attaining a certificate. It means getting the power to do my part in turning things round in society. I believe that I can turn the debilitating poverty of fellow citizens into a launching pad for economic progress. I strongly believe that nations can only be prosperous if its citizens lead healthy, pain-free lives.

            The duplicityof personal achievement vs. public success makes me feel that I should do my best to make lasting impact at future workplace and home, no matter how arbitrary this impact seems to be. To achieve this, I plan come up with strategies of overcoming all the ephemeral challenges that my friends, family members, colleagues and I face in order to portray the tenacious image of an ingenious leader.

I am trying my best to be able to live in situations of complete platitude in the road to success in my studies. Conversely, I am aware that subterfuge creates an impression that all is well when hardships are not very far away. At such moments, I am sure I might become susceptible to unwanted temerity in pursuit of misplaced priorities.I therefore plan to be credulous in allextraneous events that happen around me by taking tenacious measures to be on the lookout for crevices that might jeopardize my dreams of graduating from college with an impressive grade.

I am sure that hard work will culminatein success. On the other hand, I know that emergencies arise that require one to take frantic measures to prevent an imminent failure in my academic ambitions. For this reason, I will never leave anything to chance in matters of maintaining autonomyin my studies in an environment where everyone expects me to undergo a metamorphosis immediately we break on December holidays.

As a loquacious member of the debate club, I think it is important that I take a pragmatic role in weekly debates in order for the lecturers to notice the dichotomyof the twin goals that I am pursuing. I think this is a pragmatic andquixotic way of achieving my goals and that I am not being callous at the people who are always around me. Where perseverance is called for, I will persevere. Where benevolent measures are needed, I will exercise benevolence. I believe that if I can mitigate challenges and avoid prosaic situations by occasionally trying to flout rules in a facetious manner, I will achieve my dream of graduate in nursingand crossing the stage.

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