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How to Select a Reliable Dissertation Writer for Hire

Not every car is reliable and not every writer can write a dissertation. Indeed, not every dissertation writer for hire is reliable. This is why! 

How do you select a dissertation writer for hire? Is it because they say so in the advert or simply because they are writers? At, a dissertation is not a term paper or course assignment, but a distinct scholar paper, progressively consolidating an assortment of skills. This article will attempt to inform your selection process.

To begin with, the build up to your final dissertation takes up to a year, as you process different parts of the dissertation. Then these parts need to be connected, comprehensive, and in congruence. Further, the different parts created at different times need progressive supervision and approval before you get the final copy of the dissertation. So again, how should you get a reliable dissertation writer for hire?

The Journey Towards a Great Dissertation

Dissertation as a Process

Before you start selecting the dissertation writer for hire, you should first understand that dissertation writing is a long-term process. In most universities and colleges, the process may take up to a year, and sometimes longer for masters and doctorate degrees. As evident among repeat clients at, students may start by selecting a research topic, presenting a research problem, conducting a literature review, preparing a 3-chapter proposal, implementing the research methodology and methods, analyzing and presenting research findings, and ultimately preparing the final dissertation,

Supervisors often present the foregoing stages as progressive assignments before you start the final dissertation. It may stretch across semesters and courses, either under one or several supervisors. Further, most universities and colleges require the student to attain approval for each of these steps when creating the dissertation, before moving to the next step. If you seek or consult a freelance dissertation writer for hire therefore, during this process, it is likely that the dissertation will have been prepared by several different writers before completion.

Ideally, you should start the dissertation writing process with a single writer from the beginning to its completion. At, a single writer will make the process smooth, connected, and comprehensive than would several writers. Further, both you and the writer will understand your research topic better if your relationship is maintained. Besides saving time, having a long-term writer for the dissertation adds to the quality and the convenience of the writing process.

Dissertation as a Scholarly Paper

Most students often ignore the distinctive identity of a dissertation from any other assignment paper. You will come across some academic writers who are extremely good in essays. Others are exemplary in term papers. Yet the very same writers will cause you sleepless nights and even nightmares when you sleep, were you to entrust them with your dissertation. You can use the very same writer for all your course assignments and be very happy with their delivery.

Yet, and as is unfortunately common, a writer’s skill in essays and term papers is not comparable to those required when writing dissertations, While most course assignment papers can be created for several years without disappointments, the degree will terminate with the dissertation. As such, after years of receiving high-end quality for your custom papers, the result you get for the final dissertation, may become a tragic narrative.

At, the dissertation paper incorporates 5 types of assignments integrated into one report, progressively building to a singular conclusion. These components include:

  • A literature-based background of the research problem or research topic (chapter one)
  • A critical appraisal of what is already known about the research problem (chapter two)
  • Identification of the current gap of knowledge (contrasting what is known with what is still unknown in previous research – chapter one and two)
  • Proposing scientific research methods that can help investigate gaps in knowledge (chapter three)
  • Implementing and reporting the proposed research methods using data collection and analysis tools (chapter four)
  • Discussing the findings using current peer-reviewed literature (chapter five)
  • Concluding on your research problem and highlighting emergent recommendations  (chapter six or five)

The foregoing component parts of a dissertation reflect on six distinct types that consolidate in one dissertation (often placed in progressive chapters as indicated in the list). The six components may be presented in a dissertation in the form of chapters, as exemplified below:

  • Chapter One (Introduction to research)
  • Chapter Two (Literature review and theoretical framework)
  • Chapter Three (Research Methodology and methods)
  • Chapter Four (Presentation of research findings)
  • Chapter Five (Discussion of findings)
  • Chapter Six (Conclusion and recommendations)

The last two can be combined into one chapter incorporating discussions, conclusion, and recommendations. That explains why some dissertations created at have five chapters while others require six chapters. Importantly, not only do the segments impose a greater length for a dissertation, but they also mandate progressive connectedness of one stage to the next with comprehensive rhythm. When looking for a dissertation writer for hire therefore, understand that you need a writer skilled and experiences in the six distinct elements of a dissertation. Inadequate skill in one or two areas may jeopardize the entire dissertation.

Conclusion: Qualifying the Reliable Writer

In view of the foregoing realities of a dissertation, you now understand why selecting a dissertation writer for hire must be a strategic process. You need to have requirements and qualities that a reliable dissertation writer must have, long before you hire the writer. While you can personally complete any of the six required stages of a dissertation, you will still have to inform a writer about each, if you eventually hire one. Deductively therefore, a reliable dissertation writer you can entrust with your degree’s completion should ideally have several qualities. As mandatory at, a good dissertation writer should:

  • Relate with and keeps the client updated during the dissertation writing process
  • Sustain 0% plagiarism policy on any part of the dissertation
  • Create a dissertation with 100% originality
  • Have a client-specific approach to every dissertation (personified approach)
  • Be reliable and consistent in timely delivery
  • Skilled in the progressive skills of creating a dissertation
  • Understands and is well-informed about your area of interest (research problem)
  • Be experienced in critical appraisal of peer-reviewed literature
  • Be ready and available to revise or change any part of the dissertation progressively upon feedback from the supervisor
  • Can report a scientific study from beginning to completion
  • Be creative in modelling data collection and analysis (for both primary and secondary research)
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