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Contemporary health care is faced with numerous challenges. Examples of these challenges are poor user experience, unresponsive websites, and information explosion. Marketing is positioned uniquely to address all three issues.

Consumers in the 21st century are characterized by their desire for high-quality services. They want highly personalized service are willing to pay extra money to get a good experience. While this trend was initially common in the consumer goods sector, it has found its way into health care. For instance, patients are increasingly demanding self-service. Health care organizations are having a hard time meeting the high standards set by consumers. Marketing is better placed to handle the issue of user experience. Through marketing, consumers are given information that suits their specific needs. Additionally, public relation is a crucial part of marketing that allows health care marketers to communicate with consumers. Through such communication, marketers are able to learn how to elevate user experience (Berkowitz, 2021).

Since marketing is mostly done digitally nowadays, health care organizations have been burdened with the task of creating websites. However, some of these websites are aesthetically pleasing but have poor functionality. Some websites are unresponsive such that they do not instantly adjust to different screen sizes. Others may limit the consumers’ ability to provide feedback or interact with experts. Through their marketing departments, health care organizations can ensure that their websites are fully responsive and functional.

Another major issue in contemporary health care is that there is too much information on the internet. A significant amount of this information is not factual. Due to this, health care consumers often have no means of verifying information. Through marketing, health care organizations can facilitate consumers’ access to truthful information.



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