Describes in Some Detail What You Believe the Future Will Bring


Based on what this course and your own experience have taught you about emerging trends affecting economic, political, or climatological environments, write a 850-word essay that describes in some detail what you believe the future will bring: specifically, you should write about why you believe those future events will occur and how they will affect your career as well as your personal and family lifestyle. Cite at least three different sources in your essay. Do not use science fiction films, games, TV shows, or cartoons as your sources of information.


Describes in Some Detail What You Believe the Future Will Bring

During this course, I have learned many concepts relating to the dynamics of leadership in a rapidly changing world. At the same time, my own experiences have equipped me with a wealth of knowledge on the emerging trends that will affect the economic, political, or climatological environments. It is in this context that I set out outline what the future bring in terms of how various events will affect my career in addition to my personal and family lifestyle. Economic change will drive me towards prudent use of resources, political trends will increase my awareness of how governments will respond to the prospects and perils of globalization, while climatological trends will influence me to place the themes of green labor practices, sustainability, social responsibility and environmental protection at the heart of my struggle for career progression, community engagement and self-actualization.


In future, organizations will encounter challenging times due to economic volatility. This will greatly affect the long-term strategies that they will adopt, including those relating to the contemporary understanding of key employee segments. In response, as an employee, I will have to adapt my expectations to new realities. For example, I anticipate that employers will be responding to market sentiment more promptly that they currently do. Thus, I will need to brace myself for rapidly changing job descriptions, designations, remuneration packages, and change of terms in the case of contract work.

Besides, the relationship between financial performance and employee engagement will be of greater importance than ever before (AON Hewitt 4). At the same time, it will be more prudent for them to retain the most talented and versatile workers particularly when hard economic times hit. For these reasons, I will have to pursue training and further academic qualifications in diverse areas as a way of maintaining relevance in a highly dynamic job market. Owing to technological sophistication in the workplace, employers will radically reduce the size of the workforce.

The political environment will change a lot in the foreseeable future mainly because of globalization. Political events in one part of the world will have immediate, direct consequences on other regions. National governments the world over are responding fairly differently to the ongoing changes in the global labor market, whereby some jobs are becoming redundant and others are growing rapidly. In future, more governments will introduce protectionist measures that more or less reflect resistance to the unstoppable force of globalization. These policies will negatively affect my ability to adjust to a flexible work environment that is more compatible with career progression in a highly interconnected world. For this reason, I will have to adopt a dual-purpose approach that will embrace both the reality of global marketplace changes and political opposition to socio-economic change.


Moreover, the new climatological trends that continue to emerge will greatly affect socioeconomic activities the world over. These effects will greatly influence the way I approach problem-solving at the workplace, for example, the need to adopt more environmentally-friendly solutions while simultaneously taking organizational objectives at heart. One of the greatest challenges that the private sector will need to confront relates to the adoption of social responsibility initiatives in a manner that leads to a sustainable balance between the profit motive and community engagement (International Labor Office 4). To succeed in my career, I will need to propose the most prudent strategies to my bosses.

All these changes will have far-reaching effects on my personal and family lifestyle. For instance, growing economic uncertainty in many parts of the world will strongly influence me to adopt a frugal lifestyle. I will set out to shun conspicuous consumption in order to portray a strong element of leadership in responsibility utilization of limited resources not just at the workplace but also in personal, social, and familial contexts. Upon reaching the peak of the corporate ladder, I will shun hefty perks particularly those that are tied to the performance of my company’s stock, and which, in most cases, are offered at the expense of lower-cadre employees’ wellbeing.

Similarly, corporate leaders will have a crucial role to play in shaping the political environment of the future. Many future companies will be able to accumulate wealth that surpasses that of entire states, and therefore, they will continue to cement their status as major actors in global politics (World Economic Forum 3). Upon succeeding in my career ascent to head such a company, I will add my voice to growing concerns about emerging global challenges such as climate change, terrorism, growing economic inequality.

Lastly, a major challenge for my career will revolve around ensuring that my support for green labor practices, sustainable development, and economic inequality will not alienate me from my close circle of friends, colleagues, fellow corporate leaders, the political class, and my local community. It is in this context that I believe that I will face the biggest test of my leadership abilities. I will have to stand by these policy positions regardless of the negative effects they may have on my personal lifestyle preferences, family wellbeing, and the overall way of life of the members of my community. To achieve success in all these fronts, I will ensure that the overarching goal of my career is to work in positions where I am accorded autonomy to mobilize resources to fast-track policies and strategies that empower members of my community in terms of confronting the socio-economic, political and climatological challenges that they will face in future.

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